inside a heart is beating determination a freestyle by kyle gerst

a big thank you to Mahala Rai Banda who wrote The Man Who Drinks. you helped me for the inspiration for this freestyle

im a go getter a trend setter you see me there is nothing better
opportunistic i get what is mine at any cost
they say life is hard when your at the top
but i say its even harder climbing the ladder
because you got to work both hard and smarter
so much competition
its like we all want the same things
money power respect hoes its all apart of the game
you know what im saying mane
just call me Morpheus
except the only difference is
im serving not the blue or red pill
just a pill
will call it a thrill
a derivative of a killer instinct
so just step on up the price is right make a deal
because behind doors 1 2 and three all there is is the definition of real you feel


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