What Equality Truly Represents

I really don’t think when we talk about Equality, it should be to an exclusive group of people. Because to me, all that does is pin down and divide us. We need to all understand that equality doesn’t say no to someone. Equality isn’t for just you, or where you come from, its for all and that’s how it should remain. If you attempt to make it about you, then you are completely losing the point of why it exists. You aren’t breaking anyone’s chains, if you aren’t screaming for it for everyone at the Mountain, to me it’s equality for everyone or its for no one. Because to say that your people deserve it more than someone else. Is selfish, and men like Martin Luther King didn’t die just because you think that you should have it exclusively. It’s like stealing a few pieces of bread for your clan of people. And hording it, and never actually looking at the other people who are going hungry all around you. What is equality, if its just for one particular sect? It’s dead, because equality is perfect, it doesn’t discriminate or choose who it welcomes in. Its all or no one, so remember that when you are discussing such matters.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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