One Mans guide to the galaxy and the simple solution of pen and paper

Contributor: Kyle Gerst

Have you ever had writers block? Have you ever wanted to talk about your life

but the words just did not come out right when you tried to put them on

paper? Well i can tell you guys i sure have. I have the tendency to improvise.

That comes from my almost 20 years of free word association skills through

the medium of freestyling. In fact, if you were to ask me what i said in a free

style i could not tell you a few minutes later. Although i am pretty good at

remember names phone numbers and key information outside of the

freestyle format.

I used to keep a journal when i went. i did it consistently for few years

without thinking about it. The journal gave me mental clarity. It just did not

happen instantly. At the time i was ok with that because i just wanted a

space to talk about my emotions and thoughts. A place to talk about what i

believe in and what i did that day.

I am grateful that i did those journal entries. I documented my trips to

Chicago, Central America, and my back and forth adventures all over

California. I talked about almost dying on a volcano, helping with a fashion

show in south padre, and sky diving in New Orleans. I talked about my

mistakes to. My 20 something ego, gambling on businesses instead of

researching them, and my lack of self confidence that was only gained

when i started accepting myself.

For some reason though i stopped the journal. Life just kind of took over.

The mind is a very powerful thing. I was reading that our brains will rewrite

memories to tell whatever current story- current identity that we hold

ourselves to. It does this to protect the ego. Having a journal is the best

prescription for this phenomenon because it showcases pure honesty. When

i stopped writing in my journal i lost that honesty with myself. The

best news of all is i am ready to invite that honesty back into my life.


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