Avengers Age Of Ultron “Short N Sweet Review”

So many epic moments, but the ones that stood out for me. All featured The Vision, couldn’t have gotten a better person to play him then PB!!! Cap establishing himself as the true leader!! Even though we all knew that’s how it would go. I’m glad they gave Barton a spotlight, it was well deserved. Ultron, he was better than I could have ever written him. Marvel finally addresses the trash villains Ape in the room. And also they gave us team work, flawless team work!! And even in dire straights the good guys found a way!! Which isn’t that why we love them? I think Civil War and Infinity War will give us something different though, what is a Hero without his honor? What happens when you face a challenge you can’t beat? Death itself will make its presence felt, and it’s how they deal with that, that will ultimately determine a legacy. I still need Marvel to make me feel real casualties. And until they do that, nothing they do can or will be perfected. And just to make it clear, I’m speaking on Civilian death. I gave the first Avengers an 8.5, overall I felt AOU was a better cinematic experience. So it gets a 9 for just that by itself, it beats out Winter Solider by a very miniscule margin. So, to date it is my favorite Marvel Studios project

Contrubutor- Chris Ballenger


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