Fear Mongering 24/7 by Kyle Gerst

Fear…. Fear….. Fear. that paralyzing pit in your stomach. That moves down

your nerves like a freight train.Fear is what forces us to seek safety and

comfort. More often than not fear just makes things more uncomfortable. We

live in uncertain times. In fact we have always lived in uncertain times. Yet

most people want certainty. Advertisers know this so they promote this idea

to the masses. And the masses eat it up. When you look at the news what do

you see. I know when i flip it on all i see is murders and crimes. Is that

suppose to be comforting? The thought that the moment you walk outside

that someone is going to shoot you. I hear my family talk about the good old

days. The days when children played outside. When they got real birds angry

instead of playing angry birds on there phones. The days when could walk all

over town and there was no danger of meeting a stranger. Now we live in a

world surrounded by paranoia. But hey look at the bright side at least we can

look forward to baseball games. Go Teaxas Rangers


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