Top 5 Things You Do Not Say to The Dark Tower Fans

Contributor: Rick McGimpsey


1. Kaa led them to the Dark Tower? That’s bizarre! I mean the Harry Potter references are one thing, but Jungle Book characters are a bit too much!

2. The first three books were good, but then they just got real weird and went off the rails. Apparently half way through Stephen King forgot the face of his father.

3. Yeah this series is definitely not one of Stephen King’s better works. Oh well, not all can be winners. I’m going back to reading The Tommyknockers.

4. Dark Tower? Stephen King wrote a fanfiction about the Barad-Dur? Cool!

5. With Stephen King inserting himself into the story and making Easter Egg references to ‘Salem’s Lot and The Stand I begin to question whether Stephen King has not become too narcissistic. It’s like his career wound down and Dark Tower is nothing more than his literary “Greatest Hits” album!

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