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Welcome to the land of expectations a fictional tale inspired by my friends adventures at burning man by Kyle Gerst

He has been in a coma for a long time. 15 long years to be exact.
doctors have pronounced him dead. if it were not for the families generous
financial contributions and the fact the Larry’s dad is on the board for the
hospital he would not still be kept on life support.
     Larry’s dad wanted nothing but the best for his son. He was raised as a
only child in Dallas Tx .Larry was afforded the best opportunities in life that
a old money family from Preston Hollow could give him. Larry had the best
education money could buy and was always told he could be anything he
wanted to be. And growing up where civil rights were just gaining steam
Larry was privileged just on his color alone. His dad being somewhat of
open minded having gone to wood stock and all told Larry to accept people
of all colors. He said the only color in the world is greenbacks. And boy did
his dad mean that. from a early aged Larry’s dad groomed him to be a
businessman. Larry’s dad was a business broker for a living and as such
bought and sold businesses very very regularly. Larry knew what the  term
“mergers and acquisitions” was before he hit puberty.
       Just as Larry’s dad anticipated his son was not only meet his expectations
but exceed them. By the time Larry was 21, all of the city’s old money farts
determined he was the best business broker in the land. What they did not
know is how stressed out Larry was becoming on the inside.
     Larry wanted nothing but to please his dad so all of his life he did so even
at his own expense. Slowly the stress was getting to him. He would wake up
with rapid heart rates and ever increasing panic attacks. He would never
mention this to his family though because he was scared to embarrass them
So his life became was like a never ending treadmill that he could not stop
running on until one day he just dropped to floor.
     The paramedics thought he was dead but upon arriving to the hospital
they deemed he was in a coma. His family wept and wept. They were crying
like there was no tomorrow. And who can blame them because there really
was no telling if Larry was going to live another day.
        His family thought he was deteriorating and as the years went by they
thought he was going to be a lost cause. what they did not realize is that on
the inside he was going through a transformation that would change his life
forever. A transformation that would burn all of his expectations of what life
should be.
         As Larry’s body was in sitting stationary his mind was dreaming
endlessly. He had many dreams. Sometimes in these dreams he was flying.
Sometimes in these dreams he was having sex. And Sometimes he was
dreaming of being in a white room with no where to go.
     Most of his dreams were well…. just that dreams with no logical reason
behind them. Then one day a lady  from the cult of the brain dead social mob
with long ribbons of pink hair spoke to him and said “Larry oh Larry where art
though? where art though Larry? Larry where art though i command you to
be my fairy”.
     Larry just looked at this beautiful woman from the cult of brain dead social
mob with long strands of pink hair and said “Yes darling i will be your fairy”.
so the woman with the pink hair  carried him off to a land that simply Larry
not understand. a land that took them down long hallways branded with the
name sparkle party as if sparkle party was one gigantic corporate sponsor.
     Along this journey in a land that Larry the Fairy could not understand they
met a oracle from the circus formally known as the circus they call steam.
and the oracle also known as bromeister said “Welcome Larry the Fairy”.
Larry said to bromeister how art though known my name? and bromeister
said “Because its is tattooed on your pleasantly plump buttocks good sir. and
Larry the fairy gave a look to the lady from brain dead social mob with the
long strands of pink and hair and she replied “Hey what can i saiy i like to
brand a good buttocks like i brand a good bossom”.
     Before Larry the Fairy could reply bromeister interrupted the conversation
and said “Lets never mind the quips you are here on a mission Larry the
Fairy”. To which Larry the Fairy replied “What mission is that “? and
bromeister said “To know your future. the future from which you will awake.
you are afforded to ask 3 questions regarding your future so choose them
     For some reason the first thing that came to mind from Larry was “What
will be the weirdest thing that will happen to me in my life”?  to which
bromeister replied “You will be forced to fight to the death in a cage match
surrounded by a enormous electric fence of singing Tesla coils against the
Lord of the Dark Sidth and the legendary one eyed pirate known as King
Chupa. As Larry was taking in what the oracle just told he spat at another
question just as haphazardly asked the first one. He said to the oracle
“Oracle i feel as if all my life i have never had true friends. i feel everyone is
just playing endless political games. so i ask you bromesiter will i ever find
true friends.” to which bromesiter replied “yes you will meet a band of true
friends known as the wolf pac. the wolf pac will be dressed in decadent furs
of all colors and all sizes. They will come from all over the galaxy and will
have different nick names. one will be a fared skin girl who will dub all of
those not worthy as stuck up brown nosers outside the land of Tejas. She will
welcome you with open arms along the mighty Avitar and his com padres Big
Daddy Circle A and the ever so famous Mr Bitch.”
     Larry is thinking to himself this really is a lot to take in do i even know
what i am getting into. Larry was nervous asking the last question but as a
spontaneous improviser he just went ahead and asked bromeister
“bromeister i feel i have been living a lie. My dad wanted to me to be a big
powerhouse business broker to carry on his legacy. and while i have been
very successful at it i feel as though i have not found my life’s true calling. my
life’s true meaning. To this bromeister i ask when will i find my life’s true
purpose?”  To which bromeister replied “when you are welcomed into the
land of no expectations.”
         And just as quickly as Larry asked his last question a mysterious figure
appeared with a sparkly jump suit and a belt that said he was the
heavyweight wrestling champ of the world  a sounded  a trumpet that could
be best described as a instrument that could have only been contrived from
Greek mythology . this mysterious figure sounded the trumpet 3 times. and
on the 3rd time the oracle disappeared leaving the lady with pink hair and
Larry the fairy in a black abyss with no idea where they were going to go to

Dante & Diana

Contributor~ Dean Tedeschi

A/N: Hey guys! I’m Dean & kinda new to the whole “blogging” thing but I’m really excited to get some of my work out there (on a site other than mine & deviantART) for people to see! Lemme know how you like the written works that I post along with the occasional drawing.

Long ago, there was once a powerful demon called Dante. His rage knew no limits and his power was so great, some said that it rivaled Samael, Satan, & even Lucifer himself. But the things about Dante that set him apart from other demons were his surprising senses of honor, respect, & compassion. He actually helped certain people who summoned him, sometimes without a catch or a price; this had earned him the respect of beings in heaven such as Abaddon, Christ, & even God almighty.

But there came a day unlike any other; he was just as surprised as everyone else…on the day he fell in love. He had seen many angels in his life; but this one was different. He was drawn to many things about this one: her womanly figure, long ravenesque hair, porcelain skin, lips which held a smile that could melt even the coldest of hearts. But the one thing that he was most drawn to were her eyes; for hers were as emeralds glistening under a winter’s full moon.  With her golden wings, the heavenspawn approached Dante in the sky and said to him, “I can tell that you are unlike many of the demons I met in the past. What is your name?” The hellspawn nervously smiled and told her, “Most demons are unlike me. I am known as Dante. And may I ask for YOUR name?” The crystal eyed angel smiled and replied “You may call me Diana.” Dante took Diana’s hand and told her, “A lovely name for a beautiful being.”

Dante and Diana would soon become inseparable; wherever one was found, the other would not be far behind. They spent what seemed like an eternity with each other, told each other their deepest of secrets, traveled throughout the cosmos & Dante could not have been happier. However, a dark day had come when a lesser god of another faith had appeared and managed to win the affection of the angel; Dante was blinded by the furious flames of hatred and rage as he challenged the deity to combat. The god simply laughed and said, “You challenge me, hellspawn? Who are you to DARE to challenge ME?” Dante scowled at the god and told him “The one who shall KILL you and BATHE IN YOUR BLOOD!!!!!” Dante flew at the deity with his sword drawn, ready to splatter his enemy’s blood across the stars. But to the demon’s surprise, Diana blocked his attack! “I will NOT allow you to harm him, Dante!” she shouted & the rage filled demon growled “Then you can JOIN HIM IN DEATH!!!” Diana and Dante battled for centuries, until the day came when Dante just walked away. Eons passed and Dante had been with others that had captured his affections; including a Witch, a Nymph, a Fae, a Vampiress…but none of them were Diana. Another two centuries had passed before the angel and the demon saw each other again, “Hello Dante.” Dante turned but could not believe his eyes; Diana had returned! “It’s good to see you again, Diana. I am surprised that you are here.” he said in a kind, but rigid voice. Diana simply sighed and told him that she was sorry for what had happened between them, “I would wish for us to return to the way things were.” The mighty demon looked into her eyes and could see, clear as day, that her words were true…so he smiled and told her, “I would like that as well.”

And so their time together had began anew…but sadly, it would not last. Diana eventually met a giant named Goliath, and he had confessed his eternal love for her. Terrified that he would lose her forever; Dante appeared before the two of them and told her, “Diana; I am sorry if I am too bold but you can not be with him!” The angel was preparing for the worst when she asked him, “And why can’t I, Dante? Tell why I can not be with him?” Dante immediately replied “Because I love you & I have since the day I met you!”, Diana was so shocked at what she had heard him say while the giant threw his head back and let out a hearty laugh. The colossal being said to Dante, “I see you are quite the jester in the court of Satan, demon. A creature like you is incapable of love.” the hellspawn considered ripping out the giant’s throat…but then he had a better idea. Dante would PROVE his love by showing the angel what he will give her if she would be with him. Goliath saw that if the demon managed to convince the beauty to give him a chance, then he would never see or hear from her again; so he too would prove his love. “Beautiful Diana” he said, “Be with me and I shall ensure that you will never need to work a day in your life. Within my castle, I hold the riches of my entire family; enough gold to ransom an entire kingdom!” Dante let out a small chuckle as he said, “You would only offer one such as she a mere kingdom?” And at that moment, the demon opened a gateway to show an entire palace made of gold, platinum, silver, & bronze! “I too promise that you would not work a day in your life while offering more than just a meager kingdom.”, he said as he pulled out a magnificent vose made of the purest of gold and encrusted with gems of earthly and unearthly origins, “This one vase alone is valuable enough to pay ransom for an entire galaxy!” Diana was flattered with what she was being offered to her, but she replied to them both “Riches matter not to one such as I.”

The giant bowed his head and said “How foolish of me to think so; then accept my next offer. I shall move mountains and carve them into a statue, forever capturing your beauty in stone! Then I shall give to you the moon and the stars!” Dante once again chuckled after hearing the giant’s words, “You have me at a disadvantage, Goliath” he said, “I may not be able to move mountains…but at the same time I have you at one as well. For why would I give her just one moon and one set of stars when I can offer all the moons and all the stars throughout the cosmos?” Diana simply shook her head as the two continued to offer her with marvelous tokens of affection. “You both offer wondrous gifts to me. But after what had happened with the one before you two…I will need some time before I give you my decision.” Both Dante and Goliath respected her wishes and left Diana alone with her thoughts.

After several days, Diana had made her choice: she was to be with Goliath. Dante was crushed…but he knew that her mind was made up. So the saddened demon told his beloved, “If this is what you wish…then I will not stand in your way. However, there is one last thing that I wish to give you.” With that, Dante did something that no one expected him to do. He reached deep into his chest and said, “My dearest Diana…I give to you the very source of my power: my heart.” Diana and Goliath could not believe this; Dante had given up his powers, his heritage; everything! And all for her! As she held his heart within her hands…the giant asked him “She rejected you and yet you sacrifice your power for her? Tell me; why?” Dante looked at the giant with sorrow in his eyes as he told him, “All that I desire is for her to be happy…even if she is not with me.” The angel was so touched by what Dante had done…she returned the favor and said to him, “No one has done this for me before, Dante. I am truly touched by your gesture…and it is clear to me that it is you I am to be with.” Dante’s sorrow turned to surprise and joy when he heard this, and even though Goliath desired the angel to be his, the giant wished them both the best as they embraced one another in a passionate kiss and soared off into the stars…forever together and in love, eternal.

Hollow Harlow

Contributor~ Amanda Zober

A/N: I have been working on a little series of characters and have written poems for them. I will be posting the little series on here. Eventually I will have pictures to go with each poem.

Hollow Harlow
Sits alone
Staring at the walls
That She calls home
3, 2, 1….
She counts down
He morbid song
The only sound
‘Oh my lungs, my heart
To remember how it feels
To get that beat to start
Back inside my chest
Lately, I just haven’t
Been myself’
She says with a laugh
Staring at her organs upon
Her bedroom shelf.

Fear mongering part 2: The light at the end of the tunnel by Kyle Gerst

Fear is striking yet again. I know i can not be the only one in this world who
feels anxiety but dam it sure feels like it. I have a new career path i have
been considering and it just has been giving me nothing but anxiety every
time i think about it.
     Some people are afraid of failure. I feel after jumping out of a plane, being
flipped around in mid air by professional acrobatics, shooting guns, and
losing my car in the ghetto i would get over failure. When i wanted to try
something new i took the Nike motto just do it and well i just did it. Whether it was
learning about women, getting a college degree, or starting a business i
made it happen. yet i ask myself why do i feel this anxiety? why does it move
down my body and like a nervous tick try its dam best to stop me from
achieving what i want.
     What i have been realizing lately is that it felt different when i was starting
at the bottom. growing up in a broken home no one really expected me to
accomplish anything. Not my family or peers.
     But when I started to change the quality of my company and get friends i
am proud of friends it all changed. i have friends like Tim Alverson that are
going to Cambodia to shoot rocket launchers. I have friends like Kirat
Sundrani who teaches yoga and is moving to New Orleans to pursue her
dream as a physical therapy assistant. I have friends like Eric Mckeethen
who became a contestant on ninja warrior regardless of whether he got first
place. I have  friends like Max Lowenstein who is studying to be a dietician
and teaches amazing Acroyoga with his partner and also my friend Liz
     I have friends who have known for years like John Murphy who is pursing
his passion in aquaponics with his girlfriend Alison  in Mexico City. I have
friends like Madonna Esparza who bust her tail working in construction.  I
have friends like Kristine Martinez who also came from nothing to pursue her
dream in human resources with the support of her fiance Izak Valenti.
     And yet with all these amazing people in my life i still have anxiety. I feel
like i am in quite a conundrum. I believe that i am a amazing person. I
believe if am cool its only because of the amazing people in my life. I accept
myself for my strengths and weaknesses. Yet i feel this anxiety because i do
not know if i can live up to the expectations i have set for myself.
     You know what the silver lining is in all of this though? Even though i feel
this anxiety i can still succeed in spite of it. Because even though i have not
gotten as far as i have wanted to with my career path i have been able to
make consistent baby steps. And I believe that eventually those baby steps
will turning into bigger steps which will in turn into where i am going to be.
     Thank you guys for allowing me to share my struggle with you. i can only
hope that at least one person is affected by this positively. And i hope that by
me sharing my story they will have gained new i sight with there fear and
realized that they to can go after there dreams.

Top 5 Things You Do Not Say to The Matrix Fans

Contributor: Rick McGimpsey


1. The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions completely outdid this one in every way. Better story, better acting, and better ideas.

2. The Matrix? You mean that blatant rip-off of Dark City and Ghost in the Shell? Yeah, real groundbreaker!

3. I am going to stick to the Wachowski’s better films like Speed Racer, thank you very much.

4. Why is that kid from Bill and Ted beating the crap out of Elrond?

5. So what is the Matrix for exactly? I mean, I acknowledge that over the years the machines perfected the Matrix to better suit the human hosts; but my question is why does the Matrix exist at all. Couldn’t the humans simply be put into senseless comas without simulated realities? That way they could be bred without providing lives that lead to the humans developing personalities and hopes that jeopardise the machines goals. The Matrix is pointless and stupid.

Next Monday: Top 5 Things You Do Not Say to 2001: A Space Odyssey Fans

Metal Stained Crimson

Contributor~ Amanda Zober
As I look down at the pages in front of me, I can feel the ice cold metal of the blade slide. I see the scars across his hands and the blade slide across marred skin. The pages are filled with his self mutilation, scars from long ago and freshly healed wounds cover his flesh. I stare in shock at the book in front of me, not because of what he was doing, but because of the past that haunts me. The cold metal of a pointed blade slides across my skin, I can feel the blade as if it were truly there. The strong odor of iron fills the air; I can remember the pain and watching as blood flowed through the self-induced slit. I can remember reveling in the pain; enjoying every second of the stinging sensation moving throughout my body. I enjoyed the pain; it was what brought me peace of mind and something as close to a happiness that I’ve never known. I can remember watching as blood pooled around me, the water stinging the wound further; soon the blood stopped and everything was cleaned, the only evidence of what occurred were the scars covering the skin. I remember stopping and the blade disappeared, leaving me only a sick fascination with knives. I’m soon brought back to reality by the feeling of cold metal against my skin; the smell of iron filling the air and crimson pools surrounding me. In a state of unawareness the knife found my hand and the blade found my skin; I smile remembering the joy that my blood being shed gave me. I still feel the blades in my slumber, haunting me till the end of eternity, to never cease this joyous pain that I love.