Dante & Diana

Contributor~ Dean Tedeschi

A/N: Hey guys! I’m Dean & kinda new to the whole “blogging” thing but I’m really excited to get some of my work out there (on a site other than mine & deviantART) for people to see! Lemme know how you like the written works that I post along with the occasional drawing.

Long ago, there was once a powerful demon called Dante. His rage knew no limits and his power was so great, some said that it rivaled Samael, Satan, & even Lucifer himself. But the things about Dante that set him apart from other demons were his surprising senses of honor, respect, & compassion. He actually helped certain people who summoned him, sometimes without a catch or a price; this had earned him the respect of beings in heaven such as Abaddon, Christ, & even God almighty.

But there came a day unlike any other; he was just as surprised as everyone else…on the day he fell in love. He had seen many angels in his life; but this one was different. He was drawn to many things about this one: her womanly figure, long ravenesque hair, porcelain skin, lips which held a smile that could melt even the coldest of hearts. But the one thing that he was most drawn to were her eyes; for hers were as emeralds glistening under a winter’s full moon.  With her golden wings, the heavenspawn approached Dante in the sky and said to him, “I can tell that you are unlike many of the demons I met in the past. What is your name?” The hellspawn nervously smiled and told her, “Most demons are unlike me. I am known as Dante. And may I ask for YOUR name?” The crystal eyed angel smiled and replied “You may call me Diana.” Dante took Diana’s hand and told her, “A lovely name for a beautiful being.”

Dante and Diana would soon become inseparable; wherever one was found, the other would not be far behind. They spent what seemed like an eternity with each other, told each other their deepest of secrets, traveled throughout the cosmos & Dante could not have been happier. However, a dark day had come when a lesser god of another faith had appeared and managed to win the affection of the angel; Dante was blinded by the furious flames of hatred and rage as he challenged the deity to combat. The god simply laughed and said, “You challenge me, hellspawn? Who are you to DARE to challenge ME?” Dante scowled at the god and told him “The one who shall KILL you and BATHE IN YOUR BLOOD!!!!!” Dante flew at the deity with his sword drawn, ready to splatter his enemy’s blood across the stars. But to the demon’s surprise, Diana blocked his attack! “I will NOT allow you to harm him, Dante!” she shouted & the rage filled demon growled “Then you can JOIN HIM IN DEATH!!!” Diana and Dante battled for centuries, until the day came when Dante just walked away. Eons passed and Dante had been with others that had captured his affections; including a Witch, a Nymph, a Fae, a Vampiress…but none of them were Diana. Another two centuries had passed before the angel and the demon saw each other again, “Hello Dante.” Dante turned but could not believe his eyes; Diana had returned! “It’s good to see you again, Diana. I am surprised that you are here.” he said in a kind, but rigid voice. Diana simply sighed and told him that she was sorry for what had happened between them, “I would wish for us to return to the way things were.” The mighty demon looked into her eyes and could see, clear as day, that her words were true…so he smiled and told her, “I would like that as well.”

And so their time together had began anew…but sadly, it would not last. Diana eventually met a giant named Goliath, and he had confessed his eternal love for her. Terrified that he would lose her forever; Dante appeared before the two of them and told her, “Diana; I am sorry if I am too bold but you can not be with him!” The angel was preparing for the worst when she asked him, “And why can’t I, Dante? Tell why I can not be with him?” Dante immediately replied “Because I love you & I have since the day I met you!”, Diana was so shocked at what she had heard him say while the giant threw his head back and let out a hearty laugh. The colossal being said to Dante, “I see you are quite the jester in the court of Satan, demon. A creature like you is incapable of love.” the hellspawn considered ripping out the giant’s throat…but then he had a better idea. Dante would PROVE his love by showing the angel what he will give her if she would be with him. Goliath saw that if the demon managed to convince the beauty to give him a chance, then he would never see or hear from her again; so he too would prove his love. “Beautiful Diana” he said, “Be with me and I shall ensure that you will never need to work a day in your life. Within my castle, I hold the riches of my entire family; enough gold to ransom an entire kingdom!” Dante let out a small chuckle as he said, “You would only offer one such as she a mere kingdom?” And at that moment, the demon opened a gateway to show an entire palace made of gold, platinum, silver, & bronze! “I too promise that you would not work a day in your life while offering more than just a meager kingdom.”, he said as he pulled out a magnificent vose made of the purest of gold and encrusted with gems of earthly and unearthly origins, “This one vase alone is valuable enough to pay ransom for an entire galaxy!” Diana was flattered with what she was being offered to her, but she replied to them both “Riches matter not to one such as I.”

The giant bowed his head and said “How foolish of me to think so; then accept my next offer. I shall move mountains and carve them into a statue, forever capturing your beauty in stone! Then I shall give to you the moon and the stars!” Dante once again chuckled after hearing the giant’s words, “You have me at a disadvantage, Goliath” he said, “I may not be able to move mountains…but at the same time I have you at one as well. For why would I give her just one moon and one set of stars when I can offer all the moons and all the stars throughout the cosmos?” Diana simply shook her head as the two continued to offer her with marvelous tokens of affection. “You both offer wondrous gifts to me. But after what had happened with the one before you two…I will need some time before I give you my decision.” Both Dante and Goliath respected her wishes and left Diana alone with her thoughts.

After several days, Diana had made her choice: she was to be with Goliath. Dante was crushed…but he knew that her mind was made up. So the saddened demon told his beloved, “If this is what you wish…then I will not stand in your way. However, there is one last thing that I wish to give you.” With that, Dante did something that no one expected him to do. He reached deep into his chest and said, “My dearest Diana…I give to you the very source of my power: my heart.” Diana and Goliath could not believe this; Dante had given up his powers, his heritage; everything! And all for her! As she held his heart within her hands…the giant asked him “She rejected you and yet you sacrifice your power for her? Tell me; why?” Dante looked at the giant with sorrow in his eyes as he told him, “All that I desire is for her to be happy…even if she is not with me.” The angel was so touched by what Dante had done…she returned the favor and said to him, “No one has done this for me before, Dante. I am truly touched by your gesture…and it is clear to me that it is you I am to be with.” Dante’s sorrow turned to surprise and joy when he heard this, and even though Goliath desired the angel to be his, the giant wished them both the best as they embraced one another in a passionate kiss and soared off into the stars…forever together and in love, eternal.


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