what a perfect day looks like by kyle gerst

Over the past few weeks i

have been looking at my

facebook feed and i feel sad

because of all the struggles

i am seeing people go

through. On my wall there is

stories of divorces,

depression, job loss, people

experiencing anxiety, and

people who have become

homeless. Its disheartening

because i consider my friends

to some of the most positive

people in the world. I have

watched and have been

involved with my friends

buying, selling, suceeding,

and learning from mistakes on

buying businesses.

I have watched my

friends give it there all in

relationships with people

they love dearly. And

yet…. they struggle. the

pain i see them going through

today is unreal.

As much as i would like to be

superman i am no hero. I am

not invincible. I to i have

seen my share o struggles.

I have been choked to the

point where i was going to

die by someone that claimed

love me. I have been involved

in car accidents in the rain

the resulted in multi car

collisions. And i have

experienced agonizing

depression; The kind of

depression where u just want

lay in bed and die.

That being said, I

believe that you can be truly

happy in this life. I believe

you can achieve anything you

want regardless of how huge

the desire is. I have been

thinking alot about how the

secret is in the question not

the answer lately.

One question that has

been on my mind lately is

what does a perfect day look

like. For me right now that

looks having baby steps being

accomplished towards goals i

care about and spending time

with people i love. For

instance, i was in houston

A few days ago. I came down

with my girlfriend to talk to

a friend about opening a

entertainment company and

visit some of her friends. Me

and my buddy have been

talking about doing this

since april and now its

finally coming to fortition.

I have struggled with going

to the gym for the past six

months. Admittingly, that is

because of my what amounts to

anxiety and excuses. I took

the intitative to start a

workout program that involves

lifting weights and doing

yoga. I am happy to report

that i feel better after just

two days.Just the little bit

of pickme up that have

experienced from these mini

accomplishments has given me

a greater sense of purpose

that has allowed me to

appreciate the little things.

And that is Whether its

noticing the intricatces of

the pairing of the spinach-

mushroom cream sauce of fish

stuff with bouding at

boudreax or the amazing jazz

music that is coming out my

friends hd radio in the truck

im borrowing. Its when i

start to notice these details

that i feel grateful which i

feel is what a perfect day is

all about.Just cultivating a

sense of gratitude. Let me

know what your last perfect

day looks like in the

comments below


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