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Top 10 Things You Do Not Say to Marvel Comics Fans

Contributor: Rick McGimpsey


  1. Marvel is the poor man’s DC.
  2. The MCU is getting too long and convoluted. We have, so far, three phases of a series of films and three TV series. There is just too much going on and no one ain’t got time for that!
  3. Who is my favourite Avenger? Superman, of course!
  4. When you consider that there is Storm, Rogue, and Jean Grey shouldn’t they be called the X-People instead of the X-Men?
  5. No, I am not going to read the Resurrection of Galactus or Prime Elements! The Fantastic Four are lame! I have seen the movies so I know.
  6. Wolverine is a terrible and uninteresting character. A character in a story who lacks the ability to die or be seriously harmed cannot be relatable in a storytelling point of view. There is no real conflict.
  7. If Professor X is so good at reading minds why do so many bad things end up happening to the X-Men anyway? Is he like the Deanna Troi of the Marvel universe?
  8. The best Spiderman stories I have seen so far were the film Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Spiderman 2099.
  9. I hate how lighthearted and fluffy the Marvel films are. That’s why I prefer DC. Comic books should always be serious.
  10. Anyone who gives jack-shit about real mythology should hate Marvel’s Thor on principle.


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