Contributor: Amanda Moony Zober


The back room was empty. Amanda had brought everyone else over to her house to get started on the horror movie marathon. The mess wasn’t too bad and it didn’t take long for John and Peter to pick all the garbage up and toss it out. It was just a regular night and nothing too interesting happened. Neither knew how it went from cleaning to this. They couldn’t remember who started it or how it got so far. The haze of lust and need was clouding their thoughts and they didn’t very well care at the moment either. Not as long as they got more.

The cool green material of the pool table felt good against Peter’s heated flesh. His arms were falling asleep behind him but he couldn’t care less. Not as long as John’s lips kept trailing down his neck; licking, nipping and kissing every inch of skin he came across. His stubble lightly scratching at the sensitive skin. He couldn’t remember who found the handcuffs first or even how they got on him. The only thing the sixteen year old could focus on was the heavy weight on top of him and the near painful straining of his member inside his suddenly too tight shorts.

John lifted his lips from the younger’s neck after one last bite right behind Peter’s ear. Too high up to cover when it darkens. He stood up, resting his full weight back on the floor as he skimmed his fingers down the athlete’s sides, stopping as he reached the hem of his shirt. John pushed Peter’s shirt up to the younger’s armpits, lowering his head to swipe his tongue over one of the tiny buds on the toned chest. He brought one hand over to tease the other nipple, noting how quickly they hardened. Peter arched into the touch, john’s hot mouth sending tingles over his skin.

‘Sensitive? Isn’t he,’ John thought, ‘This is going to be fun.’

John pulled away from the sensitive nubs, instead trailing his tongue down Peter’s abdomen, giving harsh bites whenever the younger arched up. He was determined to leave no inch of that perfectly sculpted chest go unblemished by the time they were done. He wouldn’t be able to hide all of them. Everyone would know what happened. They may not know who, but they would know that Peter was off-limits, that someone had owned him and left their claim all over the taught body.

Peter bit his lip to hold in a gasp when he felt John’s tongue sliding hot and languid over the skin just above the hem of his shorts. He looked down with half lidded eyes, watching as John lifted his head to mouth at the button of the shorts. The two teens kept eye contact as John bit down on the button, using tongue and teeth to undo it. The track star squeezed his eyes shut, moaning as John used his teeth to tug the zipper down. Peter could feel John’s hot breath ghosting through the fabric of his boxers.

John used his hands and pulled the article fully off of Peter’s legs, tossing them onto the couch across the room. He leant back down, carefully mouthing his soon-to-be lover through the thin fabric of his boxers. Peter groaned, thrusting up towards the sensation. John quickly pinned Peter’s hips down to the table, preventing the younger from making much more movement. The older continued to mouth at the clothed erection for a few more minutes, until his own aching need was becoming to much to ignore.

He slowly lowered Peter’s boxers, watching the younger’s breath catch as the fabric teased against his hard length. Once they were totally off, he threw them across the room as well. He kneeled down and faced the weeping cock in front of him. He experimentally flicked his tongue out and swiped it across the head, tasting the bit of pre-cum that had gathered there.

The taste wasn’t as bad as what John was expecting. The little noises Peter was making encouraged him on further. Slowly the older teen closed his mouth over the head, sucking slightly. He used each little gasp and moan his friend let out to cue his next move. He breathed through his nose and took a little bit more in, tongue swiping against the pulsating vein on the underside of the cock in his mouth.

Peter’s eyes were screwed shut, unable to focus on anything except the hot, hot, hot moist mouth covering his penis. It was almost too much for him to bare. He was so close, but it wasn’t enough. His lolled to the side as he felt John take more of his length in.

Hearing Peter’s little noises was starting to get to be too much fro John. The theater boy pulled off of the shaft, noting the groan of displeasure coming from his partner. He took a deep breath before swallowing the length whole. He stopped when his nose pressed against the dark, course hair at the base of Peter’s cock. John’s eyes teared up as he tried to relax his throat. He could hear Peter try to choke back a surprised moan. After a few seconds John swallowed, the muscles of his throat spasming against the thick member.

Peter’s fingers clenched behind his back, wanting to hold onto something, anything, but not being able to. The handcuffs were biting into his skin, rubbing them raw and red, but he didn’t care. All he wanted at that moment was more of his friend’s mouth, more of the pleasure. He could feel the heat coiling low in his gut. He was getting close, oh so close, but not there yet. He tried to buck up, but John’s hands kept him pinned.

Slowly John started to bob his head, picking up a rhythm, swiping his tongue over the slit every time he almost pulls all the way off before going back down and swallowing the entire length. He hollowed his cheeks and hummed and he made his way down the shaft, teasing Peter to his completion.

John could tell Peter was close. He moved one of his hands that was pinning Peter’s hips down to tease the younger balls. The added stimulation was all it took before Peter was cumming hard. John barely had time to pull back before rope after rope of ejaculate shot out, covering Peter’s stomach.

John stood up, pulling his shirt off and tossing it towards Peter’s discarded clothing. He looked down at the panting teen. He looked spent, but they hadn’t even started yet. Now it was John’s turn. He swiped his fingers in the cooling cum on Peter’s stomach and coated his fingers in the viscous substance before trailing them over the over-sensitized penis, past the perineum, and towards his goal.

John heard the barely audible mewl as his index finger breached the tight ring of muscle. It was tight and oh so hot inside of the younger teen. John wanted to take this slow and thoroughly prep his friend, but the straining in his own pants was starting to become unbearable. He quickly pumped his finger in and out, crooking it in just the right way that had had Peter’s dick twitch. He pressed on the bundle a few more times before adding a second finger into the mix.

Peter wriggled at the feeling of the two fingers moving inside of him, scissoring and spreading him open. He could feel the stirrings of arousal starting to take over already. He thanked God for his teenage libido. He moaned and pushed back down as John brushed against his prostate again. It felt like white hot lightening shooting up his spine every time it was pressed against. The feeling was so intense that he barely noticed his partner adding a third finger into his virgin entrance.

John could barely contain himself as he watched Peter continuously impale himself on John’s fingers. He watched as his digits kept getting swallowed up by Peter’s greedy hole. It was almost enough to make him cum right them and there. He pulled his fingers out, smirking at the whimper of protest Peter let out. It was empowering seeing his usually so dominating, in control friend entirely at his mercy, practically begging for his cock to pound into Peter’s tight little ass. To claim him in the most primal of ways. At that moment Jon wanted nothing more than to take Peter hard enough to keep him from walking for a week. He wanted Peter to still feel him for days after this; for the younger to never forget who fucked him until he couldn’t even remember his own name.


Marc was walking back to the fire house, having been sent to see what was taking the other two so long to clean up. Amanda wanted to make sure that they weren’t getting themselves into any trouble, but she couldn’t leave everyone at her house without her so she had Marc go to check in on them.

The seventeen year old opened the back door to the firehouse. As soon as he stepped inside he could make out odd noises coming from the back room. Quietly he walked over and peaked through to doorway to see what was going on.

He had to cover his mouth in surprise at the scene that he saw. He couldn’t believe it. There in the middle of the room, John was, on his knees, and servicing Peter. He wanted so badly to look away but he just couldn’t bring himself to. It was like watching a train wreck, and he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the impending disaster.

His face grew hotter as the little noises Peter was making started to get to him. He could feel his own member start to stir with interest the longer he watched his two friends in their private moment. He felt so dirty for watching, but it was too good to turn away from. He lowered one of his hands to lightly palm himself through his jeans, the other still covering his mouth, trying to stifle any noises he’d make. He didn’t want the other two to catch him. He wasn’t sure where it was because of the impending embarrassment that would occur were they to figure out that they were caught or because it would end the show.


John quickly undid his pants, pulling them and his boxers down just enough to free his own erection. He climbed up onto the pool table, sliding Peter further onto the table. He leaned down and captured Peter’s lips in a searing, bruising kiss. He situated himself in between Peter’s legs, using one hand to prop himself up, and the other to line his cock up to Peter’s loosened entrance.

In the back of his head, John knew that he should be using some type of lube to make the penetration easier on Peter, but he was too far gone to care at that point. Slowly he started to ease himself in. He moaned deep in his chest as the velvety tight heat clamped down around him. Involuntarily, his hips bucked forward, pushing more of himself inside of the younger. He could feel Peter tense up around him.

Peter was dizzy with the pleasure and pain of it all. The fingers felt so good, but this was so much bigger than three fingers. He could feel himself stretching around John’s length, trying to adjust to something of this size being there. It felt like he was being split in two. It hurt, the searing pain shooting up his spine nd making his eyes water, but oh how he wanted more of it.

John could feel Peter’s insides clench down on him, trying to get accustomed to his girth. As much as he didn’t want to hurt Peter, he couldn’t fight back his instincts. In one hard thrust, John slammed the rest of his length into Peter’s tight channel. When he was fully sheathed, John stopped to catch his breath. Peter was so tight and hot, clenching down around him in a vice like grip. He looked down at Peter and saw his lover’s face scrunched up in pain. Reaching one hand down, John started to jerk Peter’s penis to distract him from the pain. He pumped the member several times before he could feel it harden within his palm. Carefully he started to pull out.

Peter bit his lip as he felt John bottom out within him. It was strange to feel something inside of him. It hurt more than anything he’d ever felt before, but at the same time it felt so right. He couldn’t help the spark of pleasure that sparked through him as he felt John’s dick twitch and pulse inside of him. He tried to keep quiet as John slowly pumped his member to full hardness once more. He moaned as John started to pull out, the friction of his bare dick tugging against the red and abused skin of his stretched anus.


Marc continued to watch as John penetrated Peter. He didn’t know when but one of his hands had slipped inside of his pants and boxers. He was quickly stroking himself, thumb sliding over his slip, smearing precum over the head. He didn’t want to get caught by the two of them and was hoping to be finished before they were.

He could hear nothing but the blood rushing in his ears and the gasps and moans that Peter was making. A part of him wanted to walk in there and join them, but he would have no idea what to do if he did that. It was safer for him to stay hidden and just watch as it all played out in front of him like his own personal porno.


John started to pull out until only the tip remained before slamming back in. He set the pace fast and hard, wanting to see how hard he could push the younger before Peter was a sobbing mess under him, begging to cum. He bent his head down and on a particularly hard thrust, he bit down, causing Peter to cry out as John broke skin.

It was almost too much for him. John was hitting his prostate dead on while pumping him in time with his brutal thrusts, Peter didn’t know how much longer he could last for. His vision was swimming, and every nerve felt like it was on fire. He wanted nothing more than to reach out and touch, but the damn handcuffs wouldn’t let him. He tried to thrust back onto John’s dick every time the older thrust back in. He beginning to become delirious from the pleasure of it all.


Marc reached his completion as he saw Peter lose all control underneath John. The sight of Peter, wanton and begging for it was enough to drive Marc over the edge, his semen hitting the wall in front of him. As he was catching his breath from the mind numbing orgasm, he continued to watch as his friends fucked on the pool table.

Looking around quickly, he tucked himself back into his pants and redid them just in case Amanda sent someone else over here to check on everything.


John licked and nibbled on the spot he bit over and over as he continued to thrust into Peter’s willing and eager body. The noises and incoherent babble pouring out of Peter’s mouth was enough to spur John into picking up the stroke of his hand against the younger’s member. Peter’s precum, slicking John’s hand, making it easier to slide over the shaft. He was determined to make the younger cum first. He wanted Peter to remember that it was John who made him cum twice before John even came once. He wanted Peter to Remember who it was that dicked his so good that he would be ruined for anyone else after this.

“Y-you close?”

All Peter could manage was a jerky nod in response.

“Wanna cum?”

Another nod.

“Then say it. T-tell me what y0you want.”

Peter opened his mouth but instead of words, all he could let out were little moans of pleasure. He tried again to answer John.

“Ah..ah.hah..W-ant t-t-to c-cum!”

John bit down on Peter’s neck again as he moved to hand that was jerking Peter to cup the younger teen’s balls. Peter’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as unadulterated pleasure ripped through his body, making his tors curl and his vision to turn white.

Peter’s second orgasm covered both his and John’s chest as he clamped down on John’s member while riding out the last waves of pleasure. The feeling of Peter’s orgasm clamping down around him brought John to the edge. It only took a few more thrusts before he was cumming hard and deep inside of Peter, filling him with his essence.


Marc waited until John had pulled out of Peter and pulled up his pants before walking backwards and loudly opening the back door. He walked back over to the back room. As he walked in, he took in the deer-in-the-headlights look the other two were giving him. He wanted to laugh, but instead just shook his head.

“I don’t want to know. Amanda was getting worried and sent me over here to check up on you two. Get dressed and let’s hurry over. They already started the movies.”

John walked over to where he through his and Peter’s clothes. He pulled his shirt back over his head before going over to Peter and Helping him get his pants and boxers back on. The younger was laying boneless on the table. John chuckled and helped Peter to stand up. It only took a second before Peter was falling into John’s chest, barely able to stand, his legs were too unsteady.

“Need me to piggy back you?” John teased his lover.

“Just shut up and unhand cuff me.”

John laughed at Peter before going to where he found the handcuffs.

“Hey Marc?”

The secret voyeur turned to look at John.


“Could you go get Amanda?”

“Um, why?”

“I don’t know where the keys to the cuffs are.”


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