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Another Piece Just For You


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Was it your plan all along to sabotage this movement, if I blinked your absence wouldn’t be as noticeable. Life gives me a bandage, and stitches to sew the wound closed. Survival is only a slow pace towards breaking the chains, finding that key is the objective, I move towards it. As it shines in the crypt of knowledge, I pour my soul into its gaping cavity. I reach towards it, moving ever so close to the legion of souls to release them. Do you sense my potential triumph, or are you numb to its equation.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


Just Some Thoughts On A Series I Love


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I made my way through the Joker Blogs again, and a few highlights came to mind. I preferred the new girl they used for Harleen Quinzell, she seemed to have a better formula when it comes to the slow slip into madness. The whole PTSD angle was nice, she was trying to move on past it but Joker haunted her dreams. They used an allegory of The Wizard Oz to describe that in the episode. how she kept fighting with the alternate version of herself. That I assume Joker either brought to the surface, due to her trauma, or molding it inside of her himself over their interactions in Arkham.

This episode in the new series, along with probably Board Games was the best of Series 2. It gave us a peak into why Luthor bought Arkham, if only to put a lighter spin on his previous transgressions. They didn’t really say why he did it, but it was heavily implied he was just trying to look like a good person. And the whole “Politicians Are Liars” was brought to the surface, when we found out that it was all along his motive to look good as a candidate for President. Did I mention the guy who plays Luthor, also plays Hugo Strange in two episodes of the first series?!?!?! AWESOME STUFF!!! I’m glad they used money for this one, it was more cinematic which helped progress the arcs further in the way they needed to be.

The tension in the elevator was pure gold!!! How she kept drilling him with questions, and he continued to avoid it!!! And then he turned it, and changed his personality slightly, almost every single time the camera cut. And that conversation with the Camera guy was awesome!!!! This series has been gone for two years now, I really wish it would finish up, they really had something special going!! And according to one of the creators, they were going to do something completely different with the Joker Harleen story. I really wanted to see that, ughhhh!!!!!!!!

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Here’s Another For You

I guess I could make this a series eh, stay tuned for future stuff!! =)


The splinter in my thumb reminds me of a time gone away, it blisters and blows up in my eye like an atom bomb on Doomsday. I can’t sleep, its made me less of the man that I know myself to be. Can you move closer, and assure me that this is what’s best for me? Meddling thoughts bleed from my consciousness, I think its time for me to break away from this oppression. Its death molded into a person, given that I can’t be there anymore. I need you to make it alright, why can’t you fight vicious dragon inside of me. Its not fine, why do you blame me for the pain you caused? Can you even see it, what you’ve done is far too large of a list. This isn’t over, not by a long shot I only have you to thank for this gift. I choose which color it is, but that’s the only say I have in the matter, I guess I’m a prisoner to it all. Its alright though, I guess i’m kinda used to it.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

I Suppose This Means War


Bridges burn with a fierce blue vigorous gleam. I can’t bend the world to my will, it chuckles in times of irreproachable agony. Making things right seems inconceivably hopeless. With you it can’t be this damning, a sea of light in your eyes begins to fade dimly. Work is for the foolish prideful men squirming to make their crops plentiful. Life is shameful, for the barren no one brings home currency without the sweat off their back as payment. My thoughts are like encoded insinuation, that I don’t believe their own declaration.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

A Little Something I Wrote Tonight


Its true, I really don’t!!! =) Hope you get something out of it though.

The roar I can hear it in my rear view. Nothings clear, visibly I feel intolerable as I blister filthy. To the maximum I clear my mind for you in this moment of clarity. Can you see me, I devolve into a black tar. I can’t fly without you, do you know where I am? Seeking the bridge of truth within you, can you breath this life back into me.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Star Wars EU Reviews: Star Wars Marvel #24 Silent Drifting

Contributor: Rick McGimpsey


Here marks the first Star Wars story set during the Clone Wars. And sadly it is nothing to write home about. While this issue of the Marvel series makes no mention of Separatists or Clone Armies there is little here to contradict the lore either. It’s just quietly and unobtrusively set during that time period. It reveals nothing of interest about the war and focuses instead on a minor incident that occurred in Obi-Wan Kenobi’s career as a Jedi Knight and general of the Republic.

The story opens with the Millennium Falcon taking damage from TIE Fighters it encounters just after leaving hyperspace. Han allows the ship to play possum and drift in space which convinces the Imperial ships they took more damage than they actually did. When the Fighters get close Han and Luke take them out with the Falcon’s turret guns.
Han Solo begins to boast about the skill of his manoeuvre when Princess Leia decides to temper his pride by letting him know that the “Silent Drifting” tactic is an old one that was employed by the Jedi Knights during the Clone Wars. She goes on to tell them a story her father, Bail Organa, told her about Obi-Wan during the Clone Wars.

While aboard a Republic pleasure cruiser on its way to Alderaan Obi-Wan is approached by a “businessman” named Augustus Tryll who wants to have Kenobi work for him. Knowing Tryll’s involvement in contraband dealing, political info leaking, and even slavery Obi-Wan politely declines. During this brief exchange Tryll offers Ben some Deltron Spice Wine that was fermented by a device that uses microwaves. Ben declines this as well citing that he doesn’t “care for addictive stimulants.” An odd thing for Obi-Wan to say since we have seen him accept alcohol from TC-14 on Trade Federation command ships and even purchase drinks at bars on Coruscant. Perhaps he was only refusing Tryll’s hospitality to take away any leverage the man hoped to gain over him.
Shortly afterward the pleasure cruiser enters the Merson Asteroid Belt on the other side of which are the Mersons who are an anti-Republic organisation that enslaves captured Republic citizens. All Republic ships that enter the belt shut down all non-essential systems and drift along the belt disguised as debris. However, for an unknown reason the Mersons do not buy the ploy this time and attack the ship. The Republic cruiser engages the Mersons in combat but it becomes apparent that a pleasure cruiser’s limited defence systems are no match for Merson slaver ships. Obi-Wan deduces that the Mersons were receiving a signal from inside the cruiser which alerted them that they was not just mere space debris. Word of this soon spreads to the passengers who immediately suspect Augustus Tryll of making a deal with the Mersons. When Obi-Wan tries to intervene with the mob they begin to turn on the Jedi Knight too believing him to be in league with Tryll. Instead of attacking the angry passengers, however, Obi-Wan destroys Tryll’s fermentation device when he realises that its microwave signals were what drew the Merson ships. The enemy vessels soon lose the cruiser in the belt after they begin “silent drifting” again. This apparently calms the mob down despite the fact that now their source of booze is gone.
By time Leia’s story is over the Millennium Falcon is fully repaired and jumps back into hyperspace.

There really isn’t much to this issue that reveals anything significant about Obi-Wan or the Clone Wars. It’s a very simple one-story issue that is mildly entertaining, but definitely no milestone in the Star Wars EU.
Fans who are more acquainted with Prequels era content like The Clone Wars TV series will find the story out of tune with the show. While there is no direct contradictions to the lore the overall look and design featured in the issue feels nothing like The Clone Wars we know. Also Obi-Wan’s appearance is out of place. While not as old as we see him in A New Hope he still has a grey beard and looks at least a decade older than he does in the show and the Prequels. A fan of the show will also see that Anakin is not with him or even mentioned at all. I suppose he must have been elsewhere at the time.
And whether or not the Mersons are a part of the Separatists or the Confederacy of Independent Systems is obviously not revealed here. As I have said before in other reviews an imaginative reader may attempt to fill the gaps and explain seeming contradictions within the EU lore if they try hard enough.

Check in next time for my review of Classic Marvel #25-26 and may the Force be with you.

A Rant/Reponse To A Misguided Soul


My Face When Coming Into Contact With Such An Individual

Argument as to why the MCU is better than the DCEU.

And I quote…

“I think Marvel just has had the ability to flesh out their characters more, people connect with it on a deeper level. And find it far more appealing than anything Snyder and company have done.”

My Response- Ok fair point, very generic but its fair. But lets think about it this way, the only character as of Dawn Of Justice that doesn’t have a long history is Cyborg. “That we know of” WB is planning a entire slate of movies, but to start from the very beginning just seems pointless. Would you want yet another origin story for character’s you’ve already seen? I doubt it, and its really not something the general audience craves either I wouldn’t say. To say that “WB’s is just catching up”. Completely negates the idea that, these characters have already been established in that world. There’s no need to start from square one, you don’t need to take 10 plus years to make that kind of a statement. Say the pacing is off on that film, in certain instances yes you would be correct. But to say that WB is concerned with following a specific way of doing things, when you could just as well do it another. Is in a way counter productive in itself as well.

It has cohesion just as much as the MCU does, but not in the way you might want it to. Every approach is different, it doesn’t have to be that way just because in your mind it works. This is a gigantic misfire, and that is why the rivalry is so heated. Because when something comes first, everyone jumps on it and demands that everyone do it that way. People complain about movies being the same these days, yet have something totally different to say to another studio that is trying to establish their own world. Its not how the world works, people don’t do everything the same way. If we did, life would be one big ball of fucking dull. When you have a writers imagination, you tend to comprehend things differently.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger