(Film Review) The Witch


So much to really digest with this one, horror with a ton of themes wrapped inside of it. Family Values, on top of Religious strongholds and loyalty and where you stand, as well as trust. Its all tested for these people, the paranoia of the time period, just before the Salem Witch Trials got in full swing. Really strong score, which gave it that added jolt of energy. Its a testament of what a director can do, when you handle a period piece this well. One scene after the other, of things just getting worse for this group. Turning on one another, because of a few seeds planted of doubt. The scary parts essentially isn’t what you’d think it would be, I think it was the tension that really made it. You stay in one place, its extremely claustrophobic in that way. I found myself having to get up from my chair, pause it and actually get fresh air “No Joke”. It had some shrieks and the imagery was jarring and difficult to watch, but it was the build that was the best part. Being a fan of this kind of stuff, its very rare you get something this intrusive. It pulls no punches of what it craves to be, and delivers from minute one to the last everything you’d want. Not for everyone, but I really got into it!!! 9/10 It is more a combo of Kubrick as well as Hitchcock in suspense, which you can never go wrong with that. Whoever directed this, understands how true horror works. And in today’s world, that is pretty rare!! And its always nice when you see someone get it right.

Contributor-  Chris Ballenger


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