A Rant/Reponse To A Misguided Soul


My Face When Coming Into Contact With Such An Individual

Argument as to why the MCU is better than the DCEU.

And I quote…

“I think Marvel just has had the ability to flesh out their characters more, people connect with it on a deeper level. And find it far more appealing than anything Snyder and company have done.”

My Response- Ok fair point, very generic but its fair. But lets think about it this way, the only character as of Dawn Of Justice that doesn’t have a long history is Cyborg. “That we know of” WB is planning a entire slate of movies, but to start from the very beginning just seems pointless. Would you want yet another origin story for character’s you’ve already seen? I doubt it, and its really not something the general audience craves either I wouldn’t say. To say that “WB’s is just catching up”. Completely negates the idea that, these characters have already been established in that world. There’s no need to start from square one, you don’t need to take 10 plus years to make that kind of a statement. Say the pacing is off on that film, in certain instances yes you would be correct. But to say that WB is concerned with following a specific way of doing things, when you could just as well do it another. Is in a way counter productive in itself as well.

It has cohesion just as much as the MCU does, but not in the way you might want it to. Every approach is different, it doesn’t have to be that way just because in your mind it works. This is a gigantic misfire, and that is why the rivalry is so heated. Because when something comes first, everyone jumps on it and demands that everyone do it that way. People complain about movies being the same these days, yet have something totally different to say to another studio that is trying to establish their own world. Its not how the world works, people don’t do everything the same way. If we did, life would be one big ball of fucking dull. When you have a writers imagination, you tend to comprehend things differently.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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