Here’s Another For You

I guess I could make this a series eh, stay tuned for future stuff!! =)


The splinter in my thumb reminds me of a time gone away, it blisters and blows up in my eye like an atom bomb on Doomsday. I can’t sleep, its made me less of the man that I know myself to be. Can you move closer, and assure me that this is what’s best for me? Meddling thoughts bleed from my consciousness, I think its time for me to break away from this oppression. Its death molded into a person, given that I can’t be there anymore. I need you to make it alright, why can’t you fight vicious dragon inside of me. Its not fine, why do you blame me for the pain you caused? Can you even see it, what you’ve done is far too large of a list. This isn’t over, not by a long shot I only have you to thank for this gift. I choose which color it is, but that’s the only say I have in the matter, I guess I’m a prisoner to it all. Its alright though, I guess i’m kinda used to it.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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