Why Things Won’t Change


You know, if our Government spent more time on humanitarian efforts. As opposed to spending Billions on Warfare, would groups feel the need to emerge from that to fight against it? Defending freedom consistently against a faceless enemy that’s never ending. If they gave themselves over to helping, instead of literally creating the seeds to make these things grow out of pure hate. Where would we be, with our own views and each other? They aren’t in the peace business, it doesn’t make them money. You have to start somewhere, if you intend to truly changes anything. And those priorities, are the reason why we don’t make real progress in the world. People raise their flags in defiance, because they were never given a choice. Peace can be a reality, if you’d only sort that out in your own heart. Will things change, not until we decide that this isn’t acceptable anymore. Will things change, not until we decide fear isn’t an excuse anymore.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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