Stay Vigilant


Do this or you die is called Fascism, its a basis for control under any circumstance possible. And what controls people more than anything else?


Now you know why groups like ISIS exist, but that’s not the only reason they do. They are used to perpetuate fear on the vast majority, who funds these things?


Where does this money come from, the trail more often than not leads to the extremely wealthy. The ones that aren’t on the chart, the individuals in this world, who have every bit invested in the constriction of society. You wanna know what our problem is, follow the money and you’ll begin to find your answers.

All of these factors play a crucial part, all of these things are the reason’s why this madness exists. This inner unrest in our souls that we rustle with, its not your consciousness. The sooner you admit it to yourself, that we have a problem the better off you will be. But you can’t get past that revelation, until you rip down the other walls that you have in front of you.

I’m sorry, but someone had to tell you sooner or later. I’m not saying everyone affiliated with a religious belief is bad. But there are those that use it to push an ideology, and none of it has anything to do with love tolerance or acceptance.
You being knowledgeable of this, is a direct threat to those in power. Don’t be scared, because while you cower in fear. They continue to live their lavish existence in an ivory tower. Its starts with you, you have to realize this before you are able to surpass its hold on you.

Again, I want to reiterate something, just so there’s no excuse on your part to have a sissy fit. I’m not the bad guy here, I am telling you something that nobody else will, take this and research it for yourself. Hell don’t believe a word that I say, I don’t really want you to because that’s not the point of it. The point of this is for you to think for yourself, that’s all this is. I am asking you to use your brain, because you’ve only got one.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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