Silver “The Abstruse Enigma”

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The color silver has always fascinated me, since I was a kid I would see most of the things in my dreams in that perspective. Not everything would be, just objects and people that seemed to stand out more in it. Even down to the eye color, which I always found to be uncommon in nature. The branches on trees, that I would pick at as silver flakes scurried from the tips of my fingers. Objects I had never seen before, would be the color Silver.

I recall one specific one, where I was kicking a ball that was a much darker silver. Like a gun metal perhaps, every time I would hit it with my foot. It would make a noise, sort of like a ping pong ball would on a paddle. I’m sure you know what I mean don’t you? As children we often see things as tokens of remembrance, and sometimes these things come out in our memory’s. We see these things as special, vibrant trophies that we can flash back to a specific moment.

There’s something always to be said, about a coin especially. Of where it goes, how many people it often travels to. How many grubby hands hold onto it, silver in our culture has always been symbolic of stature and prestige. If you’ve got money, you can do anything you want in our world. Silver is pretty common place, and it would be interesting to go without it. Because to me, Silver is also very much a stand alone color. Its very rarely paired together with the others, it often takes on its own unique style.

Almost as if to say, my palette is impenetrable. I think silver is a beautiful color, for these reasons and so much more. Silver makes me happy when I see it, and its something I look forward to always taking in. Especially when I go to look at some form of art, its so strong like the knights armor. Very much a masculine color, and yet completely devoid of comparability. This is sort of what makes Silver both masculine and feminine, it can take on any feature you would like it to. Just ask it next time in your dreams, and you might be surprised what happens. 😉

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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