Just Some Controversial Thoughts


And lets not forget, the fact that you also believe that this Cosmic being is the same in three separate forms. So, when you look at it in those terms God had sex with his own Mother, so that he could be born inside her in human form. I think you know what we call that, I don’t have to remind you. 😉 Then again, you’ll try to justify it by saying “Chris, just accept it because God”.Right? You can’t say virgin births happen, no one has ever had children of their own without having sex. IT DOESN’T EXIST!!!!!

Where do people come up with these things man, its like we just put logic and reasoning away and don’t think for ourselves. Why? Because, Hope? Well, if you’re waiting on him to come save you… i’ll be sure to put in a few dollars in for the road trip fund. maybe he’ll use it for gas money and treats to get there. This is all creepy is what I’m saying, its all one big ball of fucking odd. Why can’t we just die, and let be the end of it? I’m perfectly content with taking an extensive nap. =)

P.S. If my Dad can laugh at it on Fathers Day, then you can to. =)

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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