Independence Day Resurgence (Review)


The only two characters I felt had authenticity chemistry wise, was Jeff Goldblums character David and his female counterpart. Which if I am correct never was introduced in the previous film. At least I didn’t remember her, maybe there was some filler in the story in between the two time periods. Other than that, there really wasn’t enough time to flesh out new blood. They focused in on trying to salvage what the original cast had to offer. And it became slightly repetitive and kind of draggy.

Where did this movie succeed with flying colors? The brand new species of intelligent life, and the twist between the intergalactic massacre that was waged prior to the original battle for Earth. We didn’t really know where they came from, and now they gave us some much needed backstory. Which was refreshing, and something I thought the previous film was kind of missing. The problem was, that they failed to break much new ground of what they were trying to accomplish. What I did enjoy the most, was the subplots of President Whitmore’s struggle to find answers.

This was probably the strongest point of the film, where they seemed to use Bill Pullman quite well. Where this movie failed so miserably was the human dichotomy. And that is where the first film was at its core the most compelling. It did have a solid mixture of fun and dramatic moments, The aliens looked about as good as they did in the first, the use of heavy CG didn’t bother me much. I am usually pretty overwhelmed with it in some movies these days, but this seemed to know where to use it at the right times. They most likely will do a sequel, the ending blatantly said “Oh hey, we’re basically planning a sequel”.

It had its hits, and its drastic misses!! But it felt like they understood what they were trying to accomplish. I will give this a 6/10 overall, might of been higher if the relationships didn’t fall flat in some key areas.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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