London Has Fallen (Review)


I found this to be exactly what it was supposed to be, and I was never really bored from start to finish. Definitely steps on the gas as hard as it possibly can, and never really lets you go. Gerard Butler reprises his role as charming, and jack of all trades when it comes to killing people Mike Banning. Who has a very memorable stent with the President in the previous incarnation. He takes a flying leap, and chokes this movie into submission cobra clutch style. Extremely intimidating presence in the film, he holds nothing back about his ability to make you look like a fool. If you choose to step up to him in a battle, which almost makes him seem impenetrable

It is very much reminiscent of Dirty Harry, in the way that you love him the most. The performance has all the bravado and self preservation, to make it past its predecessors 10 and 20 fold. I feel like this could go on for years, and I would keep coming back for consumption. You might say, where did this falter? Did it have any sort of points where you found it less appealing? I mean it really depends on what you’re looking for. It certainly isn’t going to be for everyone, it has its times of complete lunacy. But I always thought its what made this franchise great!! I guess if I had to pick a downside to it, it would be all the other pieces. They just didn’t stack up to Banning, I suppose I would have preferred a challenge for him maybe?

You know, like an Antagonist to keep things fresh. You know these movies typically in the 80’s did stuff like that all the time, and they were not shy about making rivalry’s that intense work well. Sort of how Predator was to Dutch. If you did that, films like this would have staying power more often. I think that was the beauty of those movies, you had the clash of the titans but in the real world so to speak. Its why I soak up this stuff like I do, its why its so appealing to me as a fan of film!! That’s really the only downside though, other than that Olympus Has Fallen and this. Stands the test of time for sure, and I will without a doubt be here to watch another one in 3 or 4 years. =)

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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