10 Cloverfield Lane (Review)


I remember the first time I watched Cloverfield, it was at an older movie theater in a Town I wasn’t familiar with. We stayed in a very seedy motel as a family, we really didn’t go on Road trips all that often to be perfectly honest. But this one was special, because I got to solidify my adoration for JJ Abrams for the rest of time. You might say, whats so special about this movie? Well, I am glad you asked and I will be happy to let you in on it. At that time, I hadn’t really been thrilled with movies in general. It was at a time period, where I was completely stagnant creatively. I guess you could say, Cloverfield was what got me back into writing again.

It sounds simple, but it really was a very crucial period. Sort of one of those things you never look back on. Because it kept you in a place where you felt strongly about something. JJ Abrams has done that for me on many levels as a creator. So, going into this sequel or whatever the hell it was supposed to be. I was madly in love with the notion, of a completely separate story outside of that particular universe. Which is what it was I guess? I loved this movie, from start to finish no doubt about it!! The words I am speaking to you, probably doesn’t even’t do it justice. I think where it had its biggest strength, was those little snippets of doubt. Wondering deep down inside yourself, is this all just a dream? Is she going to wake up, back in her bed with her significant other?

To me if that’s how it would have went, I would have probably thrown whatever I had near me at the screen. I was so beyond thrilled they just went with it!! They could have said, “Oh, you just don’t understand this its all leading to something bigger”. But bigger wasn’t really BIGGER!!! It was so self contained, that the ending was completely out of left field!!! Tons of great chemistry from all of the cast, even though sometimes it was like “Can we just move this along, I don’t really need this filler”. But other than that, it was a classic tale of survival and suspense. And when I say that, I mean the KING HITCHCOCK level!!!! The grand daddy of them all type of suspense, it was just that great ladies and gents. I don’t even wanna go into it too deeply. For fear of spoiling anything for you, I just won’t do that to you. 😉 First film of the year that gets a legit 10/10, GO SEE IT NOW!!!!

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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