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Fillers In A Town Car

Overextended and compacted, inside the hinges of a cross contaminated breech. Moving outward, like a whale entrenched on its duty to breath the gas fumes. This is a bloody conflict, brought into the fold for unblemished entrenchment. Folded by paper weights, in a bland sunny and dry existence. So he finds you in the hold, in these broodish boils of anguish and intolerance legions. Your beatles crawl on the pavement, smashing their loathful philanthropy. Slimy as it gazes into the world of inconsistencies, forth brands and antiquation on the skin sprawled like a painful lashing. Where did you reside in these towns, do you break the walls of irregularity. These pools of substance and vibrance, fueled by torment and indignation. Bloody mysticism, it can be found in the darkest parts of a soul embellished and intertwined in a hole of defiance.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


Golden Zero


Kindred hands, overlapped with brass thimbles. Ageless in wonderment, win these battles forthwith and broadened shoulder length silver backs. Mindless paintings, inside the arrows of interests who aren’t blessed to find peace. The clock turns into a melted visage. Refusal to be beaten into submission, antiquated for the mass burial of fallacies. Tranquility lost in a brooms pieces and feathers flourished. Your eyes bleed for these causes, the sun pierced them as they gathered inside the village. Leaches suckle the spiritual essence from the body. Wealth through the ages felt in abundance, for you were swindled out of thousands.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

What I Believe It All Means (DCEU Theory)

I have had a theory surrounding this scene in particular, since this film came out back in March. Feel free to follow me down the rabbit hole…. 😉

This entirety of this sequence was said to be a “Dream”. Now if you have no knowledge of the Multi Verse, or have just a seemingly untrained eye. Then you’d be fooled into believing that this is indeed the case, however this is completely false in context and application as a whole body. You notice something different right off the top here, these men working for Wayne clearly are not his. These are infiltrated agents of Lord Darkseid, Lex Luthor and Batman are working together in these sequences. Does this show Luthor? No it does not, because its not Jesse Eisenbergs version of the character. In fact, its the true iteration of Luthor. The trucks could very well be seen in cohesion, with the sequence of events leading up to Batman getting his hands on Kryptonite on the other Earth.

Which version of Earth is this? Your guess is as good as mine, but I don’t think the one we see throughout the film is the original. Batman is alone? No he’s not, this is just showing you at the end of his rope so to speak. The whole bit of his men have been taken down from the inside, the true Lex Luthor has been taken prisoner as well as other Justice League members. Who have either been killed for not talking, “Not giving up his true identity or location”. Superman has been guilt ridden, he has lost everything he holds dear to him. The sequence between he and his Father, which was expounded upon the in Ultimate Edition. Gives new life to what the discussion of the Horses could very well indicate. While this could be misconstrued as a Father Son chat, this was eluding to this alternate Earth scenario I believe.

This Earth is completely desolate, without the beacon of hope that is Superman.
Superman has been killed yes, but not for the reasons that you might think. Superman has to die, it was just something that was inevitable I feel deep down in my gut. This wasn’t just about paying homage to a few panels, this was about something far deeper and more meaningful. Bruce Wayne would have never changed, Diana would have never gotten off that plane. We very well could have had a similar situation play out in Justice League similar to this. The compound in this sequence is just like the exchange between Luthor’s men, and some dealers who got their hands on Kryptonite from the Indian Ocean. However, instead of Batman leading a revolutionary effort he was a lone vigilante with a more sinister agenda. Barry comes to him in the Speed Force from another Earth. Not to warn him of what’s to come, but of what to avoid from happening. The decisions made in the latter half of this film? It was all a culmination to lead us to something different.

Without Superman’s death? There cannot be new life, not in him and certainly not in his future team. As well as the people that clearly now are behind him 100%. Meaning the citizens of Metropolis, as well as probably the world by now after witnessing such a sacrifice. I believe all of the events you see now, have changed dramatically because of a paradox. Time does change, and we change all the time with it. Was Superman supposed to die? I don’t believe that was the set in stone plan, because as we’ve seen these things can and usually are played out differently. Depending of course on the actions of one person, that could change the entire culmination of an event itself. If that’s the sort of thing you buy into, which in this case can be the only alternative to this. Was the Kryptonite planted for this trap? Or did Bruce do it himself, to expose the men who were corrupt in his camp? Well, if you know the character you probably would think its the second one.

Did it backfire, because he didn’t see the Parademon’s coming? Or was he trying to be captured to get inside? I suppose since it wasn’t clear, the possibility’s are endless. However, if its the Batman I know and love he knew it was coming eventually. He knew that Superman was going to find him, and he planned accordingly for just such an occasion. Was he played? Or was he the dealer all along, on this Earth to survive this onslaught. You would think you would have to know exactly what to plan for. It cuts as Superman is clearly tearing his heart out, what happens after that we only can speculate. And of course assume that Batman is dead on that Earth. Its all sort of like that, just it would seem visually that there’s more to this scene than meets the eye at least to me.

I don’t believe Barry was a talking about Superman, I believe Barry was coming to him from another Earth. Where Superman had died and Darkseid had taken over entirely. But it wasn’t this one, because this one Superman is clearly still alive. Or was it Superman at all? Could very well have been a clone of sorts, Cyborg Superman potentially? Who really can say, I think that is also a possibility. However this particular Batman, has built a real future a community of people if you will. I believe he had built that trust that he was seeking overtime. I believe the vendetta was very personal, but not against Superman. But against the one who brought death and destruction in his wake, I believe Darkseid is to be feared. But maybe a little less now, that hope has been restored in Superman’s actions on that Earth.

I believe Lex has it wrong, because he truly was convinced in his altered mind state. That killing Superman was the best way to approach, however what he didn’t plan for foolishly was what would culminate because of it. This is why people don’t get it, this is why that death was so inspiring to me. Because none of this would have taken place, if it were not for that death. Darkseid loses now regardless, because the people and Superman’s allies have a new found purpose. What he and Lex clearly did not plan for, was the reaction to a this sacrifice. And what would come out of it eventually, from a stand point of hope for a better tomorrow. This is why Superman is the foundation, you had to break the man to get the God. And Doomsday impaling him did just that, it was all supposed to happen this way. Yes, it was a tragic event… yes it will be felt for years to come. But what comes from it? Exponential wonder, and potential for a better future. Something that the character has always stood for since his inception. =)

Contributors- Chris Ballenger

Flashed Red In The Caverns

Bulls on the midway carts, divulged in solace in the bakery. Their eyes gleamed with a relevant imagination. Red doesn’t come from a planet of commercialism. In beams for you, so it can conceal a maker in a gag order. The rarity make a quick getaway from a world of kindness and generalizations. These tapping’s emerge, into the blank spaces of agonizing metals. And unsurpassed representation of the incandescent, broadened strokes of the paint brush. Its made of iron rods, for it is comforting and radiant in ones inebriation. You believe in control, it is so incompetent in a setting of angered and unskilled merchants.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Brain Diversion


Breakout’s on the skin, as red as fire bombs protruding lifeless envisioning. Your trains wished for a better day, to float upon the imaginary loose fitted cannon. Bouncing in that room, he eyes it candidly making sure its softly exuded pleasure. Falling downward, bones as brittle as sand paper in a jar of concrete. Mashed down, it closes ever so intently on the mark of its host. Loops out and in, circular motioning to the crowd in wonderment of the blank pages. Addressing nothing, feeling the broadness and the billing feeding you the encompassing triumph. I bring a message in a earlobe, overloaded and bludgeoned in the marking. These rooms are separated by numbers, divided by a miscreant. These offenses cannot stand, we shall never allow them to falter our masterful wisdom in these worlds.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Vibrant Calamity


These mongrels came for you in the moment of anguish, advertised as sensible prism’s in the boat filled with water and lacerations. Cut deeply, in form from the outer spaces. Accompanied by withered and wrinkled mantels, in which you become less favorable. Bloated and packed with privileges. Did he promise you these riches, did these things become your space of pleasures. Stacked one on top of the other, you begin to feel the pressure of adulthood. These pyramids are breaking your stride, you fall to the ground as it gives. Your knee’s buckle, as the sands of time pierce your wit and valor. Crunching and invigoration, it laughs at your attempts to keep afloat crashing into your shield afoot for the feast.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

The Magician With White Hair


The magician with white hair, swings his arms in intricate force below your eyes to belittle your glances. Wide broad strokes, fall outward into the bleak folders overlapping and twinkling. His fingertips twinge, giving out a levered outwitting crumpling revelation. There’s no kindred stare anywhere to be found, in the mockery of a modest archery of kind hearts. They blend in like pretzels, to the one peanut hatched in a cacophony of leaches. They sucked the life out of him, as it watched in discourse laughing at the conquered onlookers.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger