Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (Review)

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Its an interesting thing you know, getting to view an era of war through a journalists eyes. And it turns out, its not typically what you’d think it would be. I really found myself understanding things better, it really wasn’t just for laughs it had its dramatizations as well. This had Tiny Fey’s dry sense of humor all over it, and her character went through a roller coaster ride. Being a reporter, she seemed very negligent at times. Of course in an environment like this, who do you really trust? Living in a world so chaotic, it almost becomes on the inner core a suspenseful peace of literature. I guess Fey wrote the script, that I am certainly not certain of but it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Her character develops throughout, into the true definition of what a journalist is supposed to be. She makes the War in Iraq very personal, and as she goes along finds out that things aren’t what they seem. Fighting to get the news where she believes that it ought to be, while the powers that be push back against her efforts. This is charming as hell, it has so many things to offer a movie fan. Where it kind of delves off of its course, is she all of a sudden is frightened and gets pushed off of her mission statement. Which I felt in the end was alright, but it would have made more sense for her to continue down that path I think.

Movies like this sometimes lose what they set out to accomplish, is this a documentation film? About the anguish of War torn countries, and what it does to the people involved, is this a love story buried deep within trying to be romantic? It just kind of makes me wonder what they were trying to do here, I am all for mix and matching. Don’t get me wrong, I get wish they’d picked a main objective. And kinda stuck with that, and maybe I would have rated it higher? Fey and her supporting cast are sensational to this however, without them it more than likely would have fallen flat completely. I enjoyed certain things, but others a lot of it was left to be desired.


Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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