Batman “An Affleck Story Concept”


This is a concept involving the new Affleck Batman films, I do hope you enjoy!!

I say screw Red Hood, and fuck all with the potential of Hush. Who do I think should be introduced in an Affleck laid out trilogy? Well, I am glad you didn’t ask!!! Cause I am still gonna tell ya anyway haha!!! I think a man by the name of Thomas Wayne Jr, should be placed into these movies. Not as himself, not quite yet I have an idea that could send shock waves into the DCEU for millennia.

Lets set the scene, Bruce finds out at the very end of the film that he is being watched. As he begins to search for clues, as to who this in the shadows character is. We begin to suspect multiple candidates, we don’t ever get to see this person’s face. We don’t even get a clue as to a gender. All we know is the Caped Crusader is being followed consistently, and this person prides himself on toying with Bruce. Whats the connection? Well, the man they call Jeremiah Arkham has risen in the ranks of the hospital. Very outspoken about his role in how patients should be treated. In fact, for awhile Batman agreed with more aggressive therapy.
Because of the events involving Jason and Barbra, Bruce as we all know took a more violent approach to criminals.

But since battling Superman, and turning a new leaf so to speak. Bruce takes it upon himself to become more active in rehabilitation. Not only this, but he becomes one of the main shareholders inside Arkham. Making sure to keep an eye on activity’s and overall goings on. He begins to see the mistreatment of patients, and is worried that they may be the soul reason why things are never changing. He begins to question Arkham’s ways, and this is sort of threatening to stability and cohesion in the group.

We begin to see tension, and the board requests Arkham to be removed from his position because of Wayne’s recommendation. Where does this take a turn finally? When Arkham begins to show more aggressive tendencies, and an alternate personality that has laid dormant begins to surface. He see’s Bruce Wayne as a threat to him keeping his family name respected. The person we see messing with Wayne, is none other than his long lost brother Thomas. But here’s the kicker, Arkaham is Thomas!!! These two are one in the same, its sort of a multiple personality situation. Thomas comes from an alternate Earth, where Bruce loses his mind after his Parents are killed.

But Bruce ends up killing his little brother out of pure angst, but this isn’t the real twist. Riddler as the main antagonist ends up manipulating both of them, getting his hands on Mother box tech in a scheme to play with the lineage of the Wayne’s. This all comes to a head, when Thomas realizes who really murdered their family to pin it on an alternate verse Bruce. And since that potentially Earth 3 Bruce is dead, he wanted to search for another to seek vengeance. Thomas attempts to track down Nigma in the end, and does his very best to kill him. Bruce of course being reformed, doesn’t allow this plan to play out. This will take place over the course of a couple of films, or at least I think it should anyway.

I always thought a Murder Mystery type Batman film, was essential to this new world. And I think this story in particular, and the build up to it would be spectacular!! We could even see some time lapses, where Bruce is trapped in different worlds. Where he has to get back, to find out who is messing around with things. Which as I said ends up being Nigma, but he uses Thomas and creates an alternate personality in Arkham. So that the plan can come to fruition, and we can sort of see it play out like it did in Hush. Take elements of that story, sure go right ahead. But put your own spin on it, and I think this way works best.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


2 thoughts on “Batman “An Affleck Story Concept”

  1. mikefleckcreator

    Awesome writeup! I love the ideas you have here! Do you feature your write on any other movie or tv websites? Great stuff!


    1. chrisballenger953 Post author

      I do not, I have always just written on the blog here. I was introduced to another page called Scriggler though. I put my poetry on that occasionally. If someone wants to network with me, I am never opposed to that.



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