Cryptic Indulgence


Water fills your lungs, piercing like needles in the tendered skin. You are lost in the crypt of self indulgence, all hope seems lost as it watches with bulbous eyes reaping over the blunt force of your struggle. What is this beast, and what does it want with you. Your questions run a race of doubts, with a side of ambivalence. The skies above seem a pale shade of white, ghostly in its position and coerce application. A hand places itself above you, discovering this may in fact be your salvation. The world seems to collapse around you, in a more dense fog now where things aren’t as clear to you. Hearing a voiceless jabbering call to you, you cannot see for your eyes are flooded with veracity. Your sacrifice comes soon, in a absolute and bleak torch filled with scribes of a pandemic. The monster you thought long gone, has returned to feast on your wavering soul.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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