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Some Thoughts On Smallville, And Just DC Entertainment At Large.

warner-brothers-hands-dc-films-over-to-geoff-johns-due-to-the-bvs-fallout-980021Smallville will always have a very special place in my heart, it started it all when it comes to popularity of the Superhero era. The scene in particular makes me happy I gave the last couple of seasons a good push to the end. When Lois is fully aware in Season 10, of who Clark is all the way!! And she is completely fine with keeping it to herself, it shows her devotion to him!! It had its many faults in fact, but scenes like these made it all worth it. I never liked Superman until Cavill’s version, at least not the way I respect him now. But Welling did the dichotomy between Clark and Kal El so well, I didn’t really see a nerd often times. Clark at least in this version, made a conscious effort to conceal his identity from the world.

The glasses I feel were for you as an audience to discern a differentiation, him falling on the floor and making a mess of things. Was just an extension of that, Lois knowing his secret never bothered me though. I knew if anyone was going to keep his secret, it would be the one woman he’s destined to be with. The films now? They had to make things differently, if you are apt to notice subtly however. Cavill’s version still does have the clumsy behavior, when he asked the photographer who Wayne was. Everyone who was in the know, knew exactly who Bruce Wayne was!!!

He was playing stupid on purpose, it was all apart of him getting close. Its actually quite impressive, when you think about it in those terms. He’s so quick with it, that you find yourself not even picking it up. You can have your Wellings or your Reeves, or whomever you wish to identify with most as the character. No one says you can’t, just don’t downplay another version if he’s not exactly something you grew up with.

Snyder doesn’t force light hearted down your gullet, its why I respect the material as much as I do. Yet, his Superman still has those discernible places where you can say. “Yep, that’s definitely something I see Superman doing, or being apart of”. He allows you to place your avenity and loyalty with these characters on your own, as a film maker he doesn’t cause you to give a damn at the wrong times. But still lets you decide, and that makes for a true visionary of any medium. Not every version will appeal to everyone, but at least admire those that connect with one as opposed to not something else.

I don’t talk about Marvel as much as I should, I got a couple of things planned out for the future though. =) Stayed tuned!!!

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


Man Of Steel Rumors “Thoughts On The Direction”


An intriguing way to introduce Brainiac, would be to have him be a program that has been dwelling throughout the cosmos for milliana. He’s survived due to his persistence and invulnerability to the majority of defenses, and constant desire to gain access to information. He’s basically a algorithm, but Brainiac isn’t essentially what you call evil. He has been around since the inception of the Multi Verse.

You could give him a role sort of how they wanted Parallax to be in the GL original movie, Brainiac isn’t really a person. He begins his journey as more of an intent to bring about purpose to other civilizations, however some don’t see a need for it and resist. His design is to make these events happen regardless of what has to be done, and what primarily begins to become problematic are his choice of methods.

He believes in bringing those that choose another life with him, sort of a Cult Leader in that aspect. He is worshiped as a God like figure, and seen as someone who has no flaws. How does Kara fit into this story, well there’s always another side to the coin. Brainiac doesn’t kill people, in fact that is one of the few things that separates him from others Superman has faced prior. Since he is all about learning, he has a fascination with pushing the limits of different species.

Brainiac is seen as a God, but he is more or less just a Scientific figure. He wants to learn, and purify and illuminate those to his level of consciousness. Clark begins to research his Kryptonian history, and delve into it much deeper than ever before. And starts to notice a pattern, of how Krypton was destroyed very similarly to other planets. Yes it was due to a surge in Geo Engineering, as well as a corrupt society hitting a peak of corruption.

But what makes this story so compelling I feel, is why it all began that way. Brainiac infiltrates systems, he begins to show the errors in dialogue as well as the way people are pushed out because they are different. Brainiac doesn’t have a motive, other than to assist in a process, but for the likes of Superman its not seen as a welcoming conjecture. Brainiac exposes the cruelest parts of men’s hearts, its all apart of the purification process that no one can seem to comprehend.

Its all really a character study of duality, what do we all consider to be good and evil? Its sort of how Agent Smith is viewed in the Matrix, on one hand he is seen as a corrupt program. On another, he is viewed as a liberator in a sense. Its all in the way you personally look at it, so from this point of view Brainiac could actually begin to gather sympathizers to his cause. People who are willing to die for his cause to make things “Better”. This would be a different take on most Superhero stories of our day. It would bring to the forefront a speculation, of what we all consider to be good for us or not. What is selfishness? And how do we approach subjects for the greater good of humanity.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

For Your Measurement


Fiddles within fables, rock hard on the richter scale. Abolution in a mere translucent, paid in a time of honor and truth. Little did you know, they caused a florescent light to go off in the room. I bled for your measure, for it is counted by the scales. These blends forgot this was never an eye for an eye trade. This weight on your back feels overbearing, you carried this so far where you could not breath. The numbers seem fixed, they blought out the haze in your eyes for it cannot be seen by those who creep in. There’s an attack happening on the horizon, you were coerced into these plans. It is magnified for you, you can see this play out in the games of men whom tried to make you. You’re broken, you have found your footing. What is left, it is bound to be something new.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Whistles Bend To A Will


Wounds and whistles bend the counter argument, they blare the sound waving their palms in pleasing of trees that bind the traps of aberrations. You blend into a majestor of frothing matters that blend themselves together inside. Fishing out the lures, they squirm outside the seashore in lofting. We pursue these withering Mavericks, clashing with the titans of an olden period. These conflicts become detrimental, brushing with death of another mannerism. Ghosts of a tribal carlift, they hastened the square pegs foregrounds fell in deep with the enemy. The freedom is within grasp, as if a wind blew in time for you to grab hold of these statures. One found solace, the other searched for it in the infinite wisdom without luck to guide them.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Cold Bones

You have no values with you its all nihilsm cynicism sarcasm and orgasm

Muscle struggle for air in the sought, they entrap them with devious intentions. They equally transfer their discontent, forward seeping through the muck of a maniacal wave of figuration.  Nothing but a equivocal pastore, smooth and saturated on the fence. The deliverance in a sorcerers room,  he conjures a hellacious mess in these hallways. The walls crinkle at a mere glance, you stare in the corner of this embezzled and broken stature. Fizzled out, stacked one on top of the other in complete weariness. Crickinles of imaginary kilters, a fortress of solitude that preserves you from harm. There are limits to your equation, found in truth of the brigade of slanderous namesake. Virticular winter,  its cold and damp and can be felt in your bones beneath the surface.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Wood Chipped Forearms


Breath into my pathway, run from the varment pursuing your stillness. You sleep on the checkered flag, racing through your head of wondrous catchings.  Your fighters tread in the light of confusion and chaos. The opposition feels a heel pressing against its templed nerves. Legions of four legged creatures, embark on a journey through your desolation. Only fit for the haze, wood chipped grinders and gashes found you in contempt. The kicks are egregious, newly found in forces. Blocks fall to the floor, crashing into the walless shrinking brigade. Slabs cut your hands, figures one to another why we cannot solve this equivocal splendor. Taking deep reverberated slights, rumbling forth in an eccentric leisure. Determination comes at a cost,  are you prepared to take this loss.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Imaginated Sunset

1-Before-Sunrise-quotesYou wrote your markings on my head, in which comes from your soulistic tendencies. Scatterbrained, we embark on this journey together forever. Your blissful insurgence, outing in the lights cannot bring out my madness. You purge my soul of the filthy wasteful secretions on my skin. My smoke screen fights to keep things from you, its natural defenses lock up my moods away with a key. You peel away still, your fingers press against the wooden barrier. This is a mask folded inward, you cannot make your way through without a sacrifice. This blood split from your gnawed off curtains, it seeps through the tempered holes. I bellow in your belittled stature, for in the winds of time you come close but its never enough.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger