Wageless Sinners

movie quotes family ecard

movie quotes family ecard

Diamonds enriched and sprayed in chloroform, slathered about in a pouched roof top awaiting the kindred workings of a townsmen. Lost in the forward bridge, moved about intolerant of the giant feuding ageless blot. It wins in format, a carpeted truce intertwined in a blued out staged rimming. An cold scoundrel, shivers for its mother to comfort its scarce resources. A blaze of wonder, for the school children among the fiery breast of the dragon Goddess. Wars that are waged in the filtered welts, brands on the foreheads of the sheep who worship time itself. You believe in these relocs, the endangered deity’s that are perishing before your very eyes. One hundred thousand beats, they block your ears from listening to the real threat approaching. Maximum powered, for it is in this you did not understand the strife of the wageless.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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