The Tiny Breech


The annoying breech, bagging against the wall could not be more evading. I wish I knew its origin, where it may be located in further evidence I cannot know. Those noises, they are pushing against me like a mighty rushing hurricane. It polishes the floor, with boiled cinder slithering inside it like a viper. Incandescent in these speeches, you try to trace the bashing but still cannot place the bricks in which slam into your spine. You believe them to be intruders, do you fight against this. Or will you flee this folly,  you determine and knock against it waiting for a response. You hear another, yet this time it is a fleeting murmur. It stays positioned on the other side, knocking against the plain. Did you check your foundation, or did it win out the conflict right under your nose. They all seem to track you at once, for which do you approach first.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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