Who Is the Suicide Squad Joker?


After several differing, yet expounding conversations about this subject. I have sense altered my view on Harley and the Jokers association with one another. I see him akin to a Marionette, and she’s sort of a dangling puppet. Possibly a dollmaker more than anything else. He values her beauty, not because of who she really is but for what he designed her to be. This isn’t saying he wants her in the conventional humanized way, he really just covets her.

He doesn’t need her for a means to an end, he needs her to be sort of a public display of what he’s capable of. Its more to frighten people, and less about having a longing desire to be with her. This Joker doesn’t understand what caring is about, he covets a person’s use drains them of their life energy and disposes of them. Harley is nothing more than a manipulated daisy, turned into a blackened rose for a warning to those who cross this Monster.

He is completely void of any sort of compassion, love doesn’t exist in this relationship. You only see that because its in her head, its what she wants from him but he isn’t able to give it because he doesn’t care about her in that way. How could he? This Joker is a Dragon, I can now see why they used the Tattoo’s. Because in All Star Batman, that Joker actually does have a Dragon Tattoo on his back. I don’t really recall why this was the case, but it does sort of add up in that regard.

I am a bit disappointed I didn’t see it this way. I thought maybe the director/producers were going for something different, but then I realized this was the Joker we all know. Things are in your face, and then there are things that are hidden within him. I still have a problem with Jareds mannerisms, as well as speech however everything else to me is actually improved greatly.
If you see any sort of infatuation, or love between them it is completely one sided. Harley is true representation of what the Joker’s one bad day ideology pertains to, he corrupted her soul to prove a point. Not only to Batman, but to everyone else who comes into their world. He wants so badly to show that we are all as off the reigns as he is, and with her that is his triumphant achievement.

This is all she is, and its all she is ever going to be. Batman mocks Joker with a scowl, and the opposite could be said with her. She mocks society, by showing that Joker is right about everything he believes in. Its a display, its art if you will? Sort of how Jack Nicolson’s was in the original 89 flick, so in that regard he is very much like that in a lot of ways. See the world as he does, or die in agony its that’s simple. I believe this will be revealed in time, even to those holding out hope that there is something between them.

This man is crazy yes, but he has need for structor and a sense of balance in the world around him. Now this could just be a front, the whole club owner thing could be a way to keep Gotham PD. As well as any outside forces from interfering, however I feel as if this is just his mask. Maybe a way to copy what Batman does, he could very well know that Wayne is Batman. So this could be a way for him to mirror that way of life, this rivalry could be more than meets the eye. And I’m sure in the coming years, we’ll get to see what all of this really means.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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