Just Some Thoughts

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What do I believe…..

I believe I am a vessel, yes a small grain of sand in the cosmos of advantageous potential and probability. I blend into your ora, creating a splendid cacophony of life. I contribute to the good and the bad, for it is a balance that I feel is a necessity for my survival. I do the very best I can, to link my veracity with your splendor. I believe there is power in connection, and that I make my own way in this world. I believe that I can change people’s outlook, even with a few spoken words of wisdom. If my life, and my fight has changed yours in some way. I believe I am doing exactly what needs to be accomplished. I simply cannot ponder on the unknown, for it is completely out of my hands. I believe seeing is believing, your senses are the key to your own thriving. I believe we will all find our way, I have to believe that human kind is capable of being the best version of itself. And I believe when I am gone, my words will flow through others as easily as they have me all the years.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger 


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