Justice League Concept (My Thoughts)


I call this

“Kansas Son, Come Home”

This is just an some what original idea, that I myself have been kinda cooking up in my head since Dawn Of Justice. Please take this into consideration, I know nothing of the plot and this really has no attachment to any Comic Book story in particular.

Alright, now we can begin 😉

We open up, to the grave site where we originally left things in at the conclusion of Dawn Of Justice, as most of you know Superman was violently thwarted by Doomsday. Pierced in the very same spot, that Zod killed his Kryptonian Father Jor El. We pan into the grave, things begin to shake vigorously. We see a news broadcast break, as Kansas of all places townsfolk have been experiencing tremors. These have been going on for weeks, small nothing really of note until a larger one hits. It shakes the entire town ripping a hole right down the center on the Kent Farm.

We really don’t see anything, other than an empty gravesite. So there’s evidently something happening. Something that this town hasn’t experienced since the Invasion of Metropolis. They continue to mourn the loss of their fallen Savior, nothing truly has been the same since his demise took place only a year and a half ago. They still feel the guilt of turning on him, but have this ever present optimism he would return one day. This is going to start sounding religious in most parts, because well I figure that’s the point. =) Everyone is aware of the undertones, as well as comparisons to Christ. And this is even more evident with Superman’s resurrection.

We start to see people talking to reporters randomly, of a figure in the sky which is watching over them. Except this time, he isn’t dawning the regular colors prior. He wears his same crest, but the suit is now Grey And Black. And he is unrecognizable with the beard and longer hair. Citizens of Metropolis begin to sense something is different, we pan out to a widened city skyline in the evening. As Clark is hovering over a tall high rise, his eyes closed tightly almost as if he is feeling distressed. He flies towards the Daily Planet, as a now lead Reporter Lois Lane works late into the night. Clark wishes to stay hidden, so he merely watches her at a safe distance. Reminiscing of their last conversation, as well as exchange before he charged in to save the day one last time.

He knows if he shows himself to early, that it could mean trouble for her. So keeping to his guidance by his Father, he would keep watch over her but not too close. He felt as if what he had done was the right thing, but he was still feeling very unsure if she’d embrace him knowing that he was now alive and well. His Kryptonian side, as well as his human side had struggled for so many years. It wouldn’t be valiant for him to make his presence felt, but there was one man he needed to visit. The man that had promised him that he would continue the fight, long after he had gone. He had heard these cries for help, and he would answer now.

He would become the hero that Metropolis and the World desired, Bruce Wayne had helped his Mother in so many ways after his passing.
We cut to Gotham City, Batman and Flash are taking care of some of the Rogues Gallery of the Flash. As well as a collection of villains who had long been a thorn in the side of the Waynes. Superman simply observes, as these two fight along side one another. Was it time to burst into action? No, Clark was trying to be less intrusive in these times.

He understood that whomever Bruce had recruited, that he could trust without a single doubt. This was part of being a Hero, he was supposed to trust those he didn’t know all that well. That was the point of growth, being what no one thought you could be in very crucial moments. We pan out later to Bruce at his Mansion, newly renovated Wayne Manor. Which was said to be long forgotten, but the point of starting a new was to rebuild old relics.

Clark landed on a balcony as Bruce sat there having a glass of whiskey. He couldn’t help but smile, he asks him if he can have a drink. Not really masking his voice, but simply staying in the darkness waiting for a response. Bruce knew this voice, he thought back to their confrontation. And how so quickly a foe became an ally, and how Clark brought Bruce out of the brink of self destruction. They sat and talked, Clark tells Bruce it isn’t time for him to be revealed yet.

Bruce knows this, and acknowledges that they both would decide on a right moment together. That what ever was coming, had already closed in on what it was after. Clark said he would be resting, so that his cells could regenerate more effectively. But that he would be there at a moments notice, and that he would always be watching and doing whatever he could to help.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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