Movie Review “Victor Frankenstein”

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I decided to watch Victor Frankenstein last night, I feel like it was pretty good for what it was. I didn’t get the sense that it really knew what it wanted to be, I almost felt like at times it was very ashamed of its own material. Sort of how Pan was earlier in the year from this one, in which they both strangely enough came out the same year. One of the things I did really enjoy, was the dichotomy between Ratcliffs Igor. Which in itself, to name him that was also very odd, because he didn’t come across as the character I was familiar with. But it was a new vision, so I can’t beat it over the head too much for that decision.

As I was previously getting at, I was truly fond of the chemistry between Radcliffe and Mcavoy. In which I sensed was one of the sole reasons I came out on the other end appreciating this project. They seemed to really jump off of one another well, as balanced each other with madness as well as indulgence. When you had Igor, who was extremely timid and all very complacent. Of where his place was in the world, and how he felt about himself as a new found man. Where this started to really fall off for me, was how shitty the CG worked, they really didn’t seem to care about that. I think it could have behoved them very much so, to potentially do some practical effects for these monsters.

I thought the creations were not as lively, as they could or even should have been. I almost felt as if they were trying to paint Victor as the monster, and maybe that was the point of it all? He’s was very much antagonistic in that way, and just overall pretty insufferable to be around truthfully. Mcavoy is just a likable guy, so it was a good choice to have that in their back pocket. I did think they wanted this to be different, and there were many times where I did enjoy that aspect. One of my favorite additions to this, was Andrew Scott as the Inspector. I wanted to find out more about his character every time I saw him, far more fleshed out than anyone else in the writers room that’s for sure. I really wanted him to win, I felt like he was the hero of the story.

And I get a sneaking suspicion that’s not what they were going for, and that was another disappointing thing. I didn’t quite get the friendship, because well it felt forced from the start. It almost felt too convenient for these two to meet in the beginning, especially where they ended up with one another ultimately. And some of the backstory of Victor, wasn’t very well explained either which bothered me to an extent. Great moments, but not enough for me to really recommend this for a hardcore cinephile. But if you really enjoy a good popcorn flick, which is all this really was at the end of the day. Then you might find yourself on a rainy night getting this for a rental. 5/10 Very poor in a lot ways, but it certainly had its hits.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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