Why Do We Fight So Hard?

EmilysQuotes.Com-hate-understand-inspirational-advice-wisdom-John-LennonWhy would I choose to stay grounded, when there’s an entire Universe for my own pleasure. I learned you can’t be complacent, if you keep moving toward a broadened mixture of solutions. Why is a problem, why am I stuck inside this boxed formulation, I always believed that I was destined for bigger things. But my mind couldn’t see past my own ego, that was the issue I faced in line with boastful measures. I punished myself, for reasons I’ll never be able to comprehend. I was more than this box, I stare at it in shock that I have escaped its grapple on me. Anything is possible, if you’d just know that you are so much more than your own limits. We do this to ourselves, and we wish for it to be over in pure agony of regret. I’d focus on yours, but I’m way too invested on getting what I know is mine.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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