For Your Measurement


Fiddles within fables, rock hard on the richter scale. Abolution in a mere translucent, paid in a time of honor and truth. Little did you know, they caused a florescent light to go off in the room. I bled for your measure, for it is counted by the scales. These blends forgot this was never an eye for an eye trade. This weight on your back feels overbearing, you carried this so far where you could not breath. The numbers seem fixed, they blought out the haze in your eyes for it cannot be seen by those who creep in. There’s an attack happening on the horizon, you were coerced into these plans. It is magnified for you, you can see this play out in the games of men whom tried to make you. You’re broken, you have found your footing. What is left, it is bound to be something new.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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