Man Of Steel Rumors “Thoughts On The Direction”


An intriguing way to introduce Brainiac, would be to have him be a program that has been dwelling throughout the cosmos for milliana. He’s survived due to his persistence and invulnerability to the majority of defenses, and constant desire to gain access to information. He’s basically a algorithm, but Brainiac isn’t essentially what you call evil. He has been around since the inception of the Multi Verse.

You could give him a role sort of how they wanted Parallax to be in the GL original movie, Brainiac isn’t really a person. He begins his journey as more of an intent to bring about purpose to other civilizations, however some don’t see a need for it and resist. His design is to make these events happen regardless of what has to be done, and what primarily begins to become problematic are his choice of methods.

He believes in bringing those that choose another life with him, sort of a Cult Leader in that aspect. He is worshiped as a God like figure, and seen as someone who has no flaws. How does Kara fit into this story, well there’s always another side to the coin. Brainiac doesn’t kill people, in fact that is one of the few things that separates him from others Superman has faced prior. Since he is all about learning, he has a fascination with pushing the limits of different species.

Brainiac is seen as a God, but he is more or less just a Scientific figure. He wants to learn, and purify and illuminate those to his level of consciousness. Clark begins to research his Kryptonian history, and delve into it much deeper than ever before. And starts to notice a pattern, of how Krypton was destroyed very similarly to other planets. Yes it was due to a surge in Geo Engineering, as well as a corrupt society hitting a peak of corruption.

But what makes this story so compelling I feel, is why it all began that way. Brainiac infiltrates systems, he begins to show the errors in dialogue as well as the way people are pushed out because they are different. Brainiac doesn’t have a motive, other than to assist in a process, but for the likes of Superman its not seen as a welcoming conjecture. Brainiac exposes the cruelest parts of men’s hearts, its all apart of the purification process that no one can seem to comprehend.

Its all really a character study of duality, what do we all consider to be good and evil? Its sort of how Agent Smith is viewed in the Matrix, on one hand he is seen as a corrupt program. On another, he is viewed as a liberator in a sense. Its all in the way you personally look at it, so from this point of view Brainiac could actually begin to gather sympathizers to his cause. People who are willing to die for his cause to make things “Better”. This would be a different take on most Superhero stories of our day. It would bring to the forefront a speculation, of what we all consider to be good for us or not. What is selfishness? And how do we approach subjects for the greater good of humanity.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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