Some Thoughts On Smallville, And Just DC Entertainment At Large.

warner-brothers-hands-dc-films-over-to-geoff-johns-due-to-the-bvs-fallout-980021Smallville will always have a very special place in my heart, it started it all when it comes to popularity of the Superhero era. The scene in particular makes me happy I gave the last couple of seasons a good push to the end. When Lois is fully aware in Season 10, of who Clark is all the way!! And she is completely fine with keeping it to herself, it shows her devotion to him!! It had its many faults in fact, but scenes like these made it all worth it. I never liked Superman until Cavill’s version, at least not the way I respect him now. But Welling did the dichotomy between Clark and Kal El so well, I didn’t really see a nerd often times. Clark at least in this version, made a conscious effort to conceal his identity from the world.

The glasses I feel were for you as an audience to discern a differentiation, him falling on the floor and making a mess of things. Was just an extension of that, Lois knowing his secret never bothered me though. I knew if anyone was going to keep his secret, it would be the one woman he’s destined to be with. The films now? They had to make things differently, if you are apt to notice subtly however. Cavill’s version still does have the clumsy behavior, when he asked the photographer who Wayne was. Everyone who was in the know, knew exactly who Bruce Wayne was!!!

He was playing stupid on purpose, it was all apart of him getting close. Its actually quite impressive, when you think about it in those terms. He’s so quick with it, that you find yourself not even picking it up. You can have your Wellings or your Reeves, or whomever you wish to identify with most as the character. No one says you can’t, just don’t downplay another version if he’s not exactly something you grew up with.

Snyder doesn’t force light hearted down your gullet, its why I respect the material as much as I do. Yet, his Superman still has those discernible places where you can say. “Yep, that’s definitely something I see Superman doing, or being apart of”. He allows you to place your avenity and loyalty with these characters on your own, as a film maker he doesn’t cause you to give a damn at the wrong times. But still lets you decide, and that makes for a true visionary of any medium. Not every version will appeal to everyone, but at least admire those that connect with one as opposed to not something else.

I don’t talk about Marvel as much as I should, I got a couple of things planned out for the future though. =) Stayed tuned!!!

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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