The Batman “Spirit Of Vengeance”


I call this

The Batman “Spirit Of Vengeance”

This is my own personal thoughts on the Batman franchise, and where I think they should begin with it moving forward. You see certain characters above, that will play their individual part in how that story progresses. Be forewarned, I didn’t do any research prior to this. I only approached this from a unbridled and unique perspective, this is what I would like to see from Affleck’s approach.

Theme #1 Introduction

Batman is spotted shortly after the events of DOJ, speaking to Alfred about funding the funeral and costs of Clark’s death. There was also a leak online planted by Alexander Luthor inside Arkham.”I call him that now”. A virus to expose a list of more meta humans, Bruce is doing his very best to trace these links to a location and shut it down. These names come up with the following “Ronnie Raymond” “John Jones”

Outing these people, could very well cause what they’ve worked so hard to build, since Batman’s crack in the mirror ways. Would bring it all down, and there would be no way to accept this new world if that were the case. It has been left up to the rest of the Justice League, who has since been formed. To protect, no only the citizens of Earth and beyond, but the beings who don’t wish to be known.

Alfred mentions to Bruce some notes his Mother had written to him, shortly before they had been killed. He hadn’t been in his Parents bed chamber since he was in his late 20s. She had told him, that she saw a true spirit of honor and pride in him, and that she was truly proud of the young man that he had turned out to be. We get to see a flashback of a conversation they have together, “I hope this movie show’s us more of their relationship”.

And we get to see more things leading up to the death, to make it that much more impactful. Bruce noticed a spatter of blood on a blanket, in which he takes to Alfred and questions him about it. Analyzing is certainly needed, this blanket connects Thomas to some more sketchy activity. I personally would love to see a reason why the Waynes were murdered. They get caught up in things they don’t understand, and Gotham is at its beginnings of its decadence.

What I do like about this concept, is the Bat that haunts him. Is an actual spirit, its constantly in his ear, reminding him of his past and the things he has done. And well not done of course, this has a very Christmas Carol type of vibe to it. All down to the shots on camera, of the Wintery wonderland type of Gotham City.

Its all very hauntingly beautiful, Gotham almost in these scenes becomes a character in itself. We cut to him traveling through the city, Alfred is talking with him, as he does his Entrepreneurial duties. Asking him what he found in his Parents bedroom.

Bruce is very quiet about these things as usual, now knowing that there just something isn’t right going on. And maybe he doesn’t even know his own Family tree’s history. Bruce goes in his minds eye to a mountain top, in an area within Alaska. He see’s his Mother and Father there, they are on a discovery trip of sorts. Beginning to notice something was different about this, he snaps back to reality.

As we find him at a fundraiser, bored talking to politicians inside of the State Department. They are of course doing their very best to gather his support for the election year coming up. He had been down this road before, and it wasn’t something he found all together pleasurable. Basically, the intro is going to be introducing how Bruce begins to put pieces together about his own history. And how he begins to question what he even represents as a man. The only thing he truly feels secure in is his identity as the Batman.

Everything else? Is one giant blur, and its all starting to surface slowly. In a very agonizing way, his parents become something of a mystery to him. They are involved in things he never thought would be possible for a Wayne, but these were necessary to keep funding for specific projects. Projects that would lead to discoveries for mankind, that would be connected to the Luthors. As well as Families inside the Government, people who know too much become liabilities. And what manifests from this, could alter the very spectrum of what Batman and the rest of his team knows.

To Be Continued

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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