Film Review “Now You See Me 2”

now-you-see-me-2-trailerAs most who have spoken to me about this film know, I really felt the original was a breath of fresh air. And brought some much needed intrigue, and extraordinary life into this type of a project. The cast was interesting, a lot of them didn’t seem like they were going to mesh very well. I didn’t realize how funny, and how much I would enjoy it back in 2013. And is that what film is all about normally? You are supposed to just get lost in a world. =)

That brings us to the 2016 sequel, this is one of those things I hoped they would build on. What happens in the original leaves you kind of wanting more, especially when it comes to the impending competition between magicians. The things they can do, really brings that speciality, and intrigue of what a they are capable of showing you and then well not. This is why magic has had the history it does, because people loved to be tricked. They have this desire for the truth to be shielded from them.

And these films? Does this in such a creative way, once you figure out what it all means though. It kind of leaves you with a suckin in feeling of disapointement, like there was all of this delusion and tricks and all of this stuff we got to not see. And then finally, when we figure it all out its like “Was that it”? I guess I was expecting something really shocking, and it turns out that you don’t get that at all. What is noteworthy of these two movies?

Well, the amazing visuals for one thing!! The card tricks, they bounce off there specific strengths so well!! I think the funniest parts are when people get hypnotized. There is also this one scene in the beginning, where the new character played by Lizzy Caplin. Who cuts her own head off, using a distraction and she ends up on the other side of the room with her body in tact. IT WAS GENIUS!!!! =) I found myself the most interested, in the journey of Danny Atlas. Played by the always strange Jesse Eisenberg, where exactly were they taking us with him?

The most boring aspect of this whole thing, was the most fun in the last one. Was the mystery surrounding Dylan Rhodes, the guy that was a Cop that sort of stayed a Cop as a cover? And then all of a sudden he wasn’t a Cop anymore, because people just suddenly found out who he really was. I was hoping that wouldn’t happened so quickly, keep that going a little while longer maybe? Ruffalo never disappoints me though, that is one thing that stays consistent.

Daniel Radcliffe plays the smoke an mirrors this time villain, and he does it quite impressively I might add. At first you think he’s a fellow magician, and then it turns out he owns the majority of a company and potentially half of a country. So he’s really involved, and there’s a lot of mysticism going on with him in this as well. There’s a running theme in the new one, that makes it very clear that Science is superior to magic. Which turns out every time to be exactly true!!

Does this movie ever get slow? No, and maybe that’s its really big problem. It seems to be very good at distraction, and making you think one thing and doing another!! What hurts it so many times though, is that you get zero time to care about anyone!! And that is one thing the first one did manage to do. And that’s what sequels are for in the first place, to find out what you thought was true. And to analyze the main players in the world. It had elements of the first, which was what made it great!! But there was just this underlying annoyance, that I found myself continuing to address.


Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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