DC/WB Commentary


Just some thoughts, its been awhile guys…..

What is part of Clark’s morose behavior, when it pertains to how he tends to act as a hero. Is simply due to his adolescence in gaining an awareness to his newly formed abilities. What if Superman is emotionally detached on purpose? What if these barriers were set in that regard, to keep him from his full potential because he wouldn’t be able to grasp the responsibility? Like for instance, he lashes out at Zod in sort of a childish like manner. Not really knowing his own strength at the time, still very unconscious to these powers. What if that was the intent, what if Jor El was like in previous incarnations fearful of what he’d do if he knew them all at once.

You know, as Jonathan said to him. You’ll be ready when the time is right, and maybe Clark’s death was a reminder that he will rise reborn. A new man, with death comes new life as it were. The Superman you knew before, no longer exists. What if this was Snyder’s plan all along? It most certainly wouldn’t surprise me, Clark doesn’t become fully aware of who and what he can do, until he is prepared to deal with those repercussions. He didn’t understand what they were, or why they were happening to him.

But now he will, and the barriers may in fact be lifted fully. I believe this was the intent all along, I believe he hasn’t even begun being what we all desire. And that’s the cool thing about guys, it took us 4 years to get here. It was an entire arc, that led us to this point in time. This transition was growing pains of a child into adulthood. He didn’t make that decision until the very last bit of Dawn Of Justice, he took all the burdens of the world and put it on his shoulders. And in that moment, he became what he was supposed to be. He wasn’t confident, its like you could actually see it play out that way. I mean think about it, you had a grizzled veteran in Batman. A war torn broken man, who was completely void of any sort of apathy.

And when these two meet, its like Clark is threatened by him, when we know for a fact that if he wanted to. With one punch to the chest, he could kill Batman in an instant. Some would say well “Chris, you know he was just holding back”. Ok, and yes while that might be true to a certain point. Why would he hold back, if he didn’t know what he could do in the first place? He killed Zod out of necessity, did he know he could? No, in fact he was physically outmatched in every single way.

He even looked at his hands in that particular scene, as if to say “Did I just do that”? Not that he wasn’t mourning a loss, he most certainly was. But he was shocked, that he held so much power in his hands. And maybe it was too dangerous, maybe he felt after that afraid to pursue any sort of Justice. Because he had done so many things, in such a short amount of time that were so extreme for even him. And Batman in the picture now? He recognized that these two pillars were not sustainable, going down the path they were both headed towards. Clark simply took a forceful step down, because Batman’s rage was far too much to handle. He needed to be the voice of reason, because if he channeled an equal amount of rage. Where would we be? I’ll tell you, we’d be without a Batman and Superman in this Universe!!!

Man Of Steel was the pain of loss, as well as being able to say “I can co exist with these people”. and finding some sort of limitation to the potentially dangerous abilities he had. Dawn Of Justice were those lessons from both of his Fathers revisited, Johnathan being the protector, and advisor of when it was time to reveal himself to the world so to speak. And Jor El being the more hands on, and pushing him into a more secure way of handling his abilities. It was an inner fight, he wasn’t just fighting with Batman!!! He was fighting with himself the entire time!!! Justice League, that will be about Clark embracing both of his Father’s lessons. He will finally merge into the Hero we know him to be, mark my words on this!!! =)

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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