Monthly Archives: November 2016

Colored Ridgeway

Those shimmering colors in the clouds, they’re bountiful seething in kind as it thumps outward in time. Pigs snap their jaws, hunger intertwines and makes its funnel in the trough of anguish. Rulers tap the desks, flashes aboundful and blemished mining the glistening looks on those faces. Those tones, they pulse in and out of a hole filled with pretenders and phony’s. They mock your unrequited blips, they laugh and you just keep speaking those fierce words.  They search for you, but you’ve vanished into the void of consequence. You’ve found solace in their decadence, when you’ve bled for them they make you lesser of a hero. You’ve won, as they beat on the door and travel into worlds that have perished.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


Track Record Measles

We must unite, on the swivel trigger of truths. Like a track record spins on a cereal figurement, red bumps itch that is the scratch of fine linen. A stained glass window, those shard and trinkets of gold liquid under pressure. These fake’s wanna push you over the edge, an obscure line of pain and pleasure is felt in the quake. It shivers inside, the mind melds in a world of kind and flattered flights.  White painted, and in the plains  wrapped in skin tight leather and lace. In the pans, boiled to a heat unbearable to your mind’s eye. Scribbling words on wallets, this currency is baseless an unimagined make believe. They moved in and out for you, they begged for you to stop this tragedy.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger