The Tattered And Tired Jumpsuit

Standing in a saluted motion, incapable of figuring the numbers. This equations invaded, ominous with a turned odd eye. Bleeding out and you couldn’t tell, this industry hasn’t even begun to play with your mind. They couldn’t track it, and they could not even begin to find this measuring pole. Its winter now, it blew in your face imprisoned and folded for a hundred blissful nightmares. Shaking your finger at the mere thought of total defiance, it couldn’t even place it and it wouldn’t know for sure. Would you free your mind, only for a moment of clarity. Would it be so displeasurable, if you hadn’t been so chilled to the bone. Maybe, or it hasn’t passed through it yet. You hadn’t experienced that type of pleasure, no one covered you in solitude without a price.

Creator And Contributor- Chris Ballenger

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