For My Mom

My heart bleeds for that loss, I can’t even feel myself falling. Its weightless, and in closing off my air supply in need of a breakthrough. I could always count on your love, even when we weren’t together I knew it was present. That connection will always exist, even when the world fades away to nothing. You can’t possibly know how hurt I feel, I’m angry inside that you left me so very soon. We never were very understanding of each other’s s misconceptions. You always told me it would be alright, to not worry about things I could not control directly. You’d always be there, and that you’d never be far away. I guess its ok now, I’ll let go only for a period of time. I guess its not forever, I guess I’ll talk to you in hopes that you’re listening. Your energy is ever changing, but there’s one thing I knew for sure. My mother always had my back, and she’d never decide anything unless it had my name on it. Nothing changes, I can’t begin to understand why this happened. But its ok, I don’t need to, I’ll just press on hoping you’re not far behind.

Creator And Contributor- Chris Ballenger

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