Religion Swellar

Speed is the only passage, through a religion swell incorporated. It hits your stomach tone with the utmost viciousness in nature. It feels uncommon to the eye, as if it were trained to speak in a figurative and tonal deaf message. Mocking your every blessing, encompassing and incomparable is the night guard. Well thought and manageable, incorporation and damaging in a final stare down. Do you speak with taking notice, does it become your fanatical dreamscape. You are binded on the ship of terminology,  trapped within a non bearing witness for the fit. Running from the confines of an impassable figurine. It passed out a few hours in, coming out for the scrutiny. I didn’t know where to begin, it was finally pressing against my chest. Having to push back, the current made it a second guessing and entrapment.

Creator And Contributor- Chris Ballenger

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