Thoughts On Anakin Skywalker

Definitely one of my favorite stories, the entire Star Wars Saga in general is really. But Anakin’s journey has impacted me more than a lot of villains. If that’s even what he was, I’m no so sure about that.

I saw a piece of art, of Anakin with his Helmet off like in Return Of The Jedi. And he had this very exhausted look in his eyes, and I just thought back to a Qui Gon Jinn quote that I recall.

“I can only protect you, I cannot fight a war for you”.

And then I got to reading about how much he suffered after being burned on Mustafar, and I kept thinking about how sad it made me. How much he put his own body through, he would only eat through tubes and couldn’t even function normally anymore.

And then I recall Rogue One, when Vader was submerged in the Bacta Tank, and how that was one of his few periods of relief. I just think we never truly consider someone’s agony, and people wonder why I relate to Anikin so much. People wonder why I never saw Kylo Ren as even comparable, possibly in the sense of power maybe, and that’s a really big MAYBE!!!

But just look at the stories, look at the reason behind the war Anakin waged. It was all for love, it was all to sustain that seemingly flawless emotion we call compassion. He wanted so badly to balance his love life, and his aspirations without losing total control. If his reactionary premise teaches us anything, it say’s that there’s no preventative measure for certain death. No matter how powerful you may be, or think you are when it comes for you that’s the end.

Anakin’s war began long before he met Padme though, he was always trying to measure up. Being the best, can be the kill switch of any sort of progressive move. He found a companion in Palpatine, the problem is his aspirations blinded him from the truth. Of what Palpatine really had intended all along. The whole thing makes me respect his character that much more.

He was still fighting for his Children, and his Wife even after post accident. Anikin still existed within, even though these two people were so different “Vader compared to Anikin”. He was a clear case of Dissociative Identity Disorder. Vader was born out of the chaos, but maybe survival in that world wasn’t possible without it? I don’t know, I often think about that.

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