Could Not Find It All Here

Screaming in your ear, like a connection of broadband to the networks. They search for the data to continue the function, an army of numbers filled the circuits. Single file lining, it twirled awaiting your indulgence furiously. An explosion ever so tingling in your flickered light manifesting in a tuned wind draping. Abrupt and robust abbreviations, slathered on your wall within the drapes like candy coated fruit snacks. Neverware and fondly in remembrance, rainbows aren’t really colors at all. They gleam and glisten, as if they were crystals on a undiscovered planet for the first time. The views are yet distorted, inferior and complaining of any sort of folly. Little toy’s you used to enjoy, now disappear but its quite fine now you haven’t lost it all.

Creator And Contributor- Chris Ballenger

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