The Moon Lit Storeway

Fun and in encapsulation, burrowed in the stomach. That creature fell into a undocumented furrow. The water splashed about, covering your eyes from the damage within the clear picture. That confusion, and unshakable atrophy hadn’t been dealt with once before. You were sleeping, without a doorway to crawl underway. Those convoluted, and ungainful measures were broken in the mirror and pain. That prisoner watched your incorruptible pressure,  that lightning flashed in your eye lids and broke the skin. A thought is just shy of oblivion, could you be anymore condescending in truth. I despise this wound, that filled me up with regret and broken promises. Its like a hurricane, crashing and moving into your walls. That storm you warned us of, its pressure mounted on top of that pear and was done with it again.

Creator And Contributor- Chris Ballenger

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