Bled Down The Railing

Gnashing teeth, on a cord with a spark plug interlined. They were hundred full, outwind and brushed encrusted with caring features. That awestruck string, with the key within the window seal glancing at your fortwit. Bled down the railing, of the cuff noises that could never be canceled from a chiming tune. Brisk and broadened, one mere choice hadn’t been closed out in a bleak formation. That rock clashed in tune, with the groundskeeper who made it with golden schillings. That bloated pulsating beer guzzling bear, snarled as it shined in the moonlight. It smiled and winked, in pursuit of a great blessing. You couldn’t find the time, it hadn’t pressed the button to dawn. Fighting for every word, you can’t believe it was so shameful.

Creator And Contributor- Chris Ballenger

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