Black And White Tiled Floors

In your head space, it feels sometimes like there’s a mountain atop your skull. Pressing against your brain, as if it could weigh down just enough to cut off any sort of bodily function to your other extremities. Its at these moments, I feel the most constricted within my own head space, as if a blood vessel pounds away. Like a headache that has no path of loosening, the tight grip on your throat. Your breaths are slow, everything is very skill the movements of things at the corner of your eye trick you. It’s interesting enough, to see if you can follow them. This isn’t always good, if you are trying to focus on getting something finished. Its your eyes possibly peering into another’s existence, but I guess the means for communication doesn’t exist within this realm? I guess its a metaphor, for wanting to reach out but you can’t. Is it real, or just a figment of your imagination?

Creator And Contributor- Chris Ballenger

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