Energy On Tap

The floor wrapped about my bones, flickering on and off in a measuring brookstone. Clashing together, the rocks hit my mind peering into that overcrowded abyss. I felt numb, apart from myself in the memoriam of making a difference. Followed by a neutral conspiratorial energy,  ascending towards the brief peak of enjoyment. That complete impasse, folded out in the brood of self worthiness. I’m breaking the fall, focused on change but never the moment. An impervious and final blow, brought to the surface of a beast who encouraged careless words. You built a wall entranced in fake matter, it was braced and on a spindle top. I found in the hampering, among the stars and winding roads. Muddled about the dark room, pressurized blanks as you made it out to be.

Creator And Contributor- Chris Ballenger

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